Will Technology Replace Real Estate Consulting in the Future?

With the rapid rise of technology in recent years, disruptions due to mechanization have begun in many sectors. While technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning replace humans, especially in the manufacturing sector, these new developments have also affected the hospitality and service industries. While many people today wonder what will happen to their […]

Will Technology Replace Real Estate Offices in the Future?

Accelerating digital transformation trends around the world did not affect the real estate industry as badly as feared, but on the contrary, it enabled real estate companies to develop a much more efficient working system. However, newer technologies with unpredictable results such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain are already starting to affect employment […]

The Impact of the FED’s Rate Increase on the Global Real Estate Industry

In September, the Fed made the highest rate hike since the 1990s. The decision to increase interest rates to combat inflation made borrowing more expensive, affecting many sectors, including the real estate sector. So, how does the FED’s decision to increase the interest rate, which narrows the market by making it difficult to get loans, […]

What is the Rental System with Airbnb?

Launched in 2007 by two young Americans, Airbnb is now one of the most popular residential rental platforms. This leading platform, which is frequently used by various real estate communities, is very successful in turning unused areas into potential income sources. Standing out with its features such as transparency, user satisfaction and ease of use, […]

How to Design a Home for Remote Working?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many industries have decided to work remotely. This concept, which was initially implemented due to the crisis, has now turned into an efficient and effective business model. With the right steps and effective planning, it is possible to make working areas extremely enjoyable. How Does? Here are home design suggestions that […]

What is a Shared House?

The shared house concept, which has been preferred for a long time in countries such as Japan and the USA, has also started to attract attention in Portugal in recent years. Intensive visits to the centres of attraction for purposes such as education, business and tourism require the application of innovative ideas to solve the […]

FSBO Strategies for Realtors

FSBO, which is frequently used in real estate advertisements recently, is one of the concepts that we previously encountered with terms such as “without commission” or “without intermediary”. Translated from English to Turkish, FSBO means “For Sale By Owner” and is especially preferred by those who want to sell their properties without commission. Although the […]

How to Track Specialization Region?

Expertise is essential to be successful in the real estate industry. Regional expertise helps you both provide higher quality service and create high customer satisfaction. In this way, you become a sought-after name in your region and become a consultant with strong references. So, how should the real estate in the region be followed up […]

What Are Buyer Sources?

Real estate consultancy is an area that is constantly needed by the client. Although reaching sufficient portfolio richness is one of the important steps on this path, the main goal is to deliver this portfolio to the right buyers. The fact that the consultants have sufficient knowledge and actively use modern real estate software tools […]

What is Staging in Real Estate?

The technology developing day by day is also affecting the real estate sector closely. The real estate market, where a new vehicle comes into play every day, focuses on providing faster and easier solutions for customers. Real estate programs used in this sense affect the presentation of portfolio ads while providing convenience for potential buyers […]