Today’s Topic: Speed!

Fizbot continues to improve day by day. In addition to the great advances we make at regular intervals, we aim to offer you a faster and more efficient experience by regularly reviewing the features you enjoy.

With the last update, we made a total of 5 small but important changes.

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    What changed?

    Longer notes when assigning Leads

    We have increased the upper limit of the notes you add when making a Lead assignment over the web from 100 characters to 250 characters, making it possible to exchange more accurate information between assistants and agents. We would like to remind you that the notes section on the Lead screen can only be added or edited by the person who created the Lead.

    Ready market research that saves time in portfolio analysis

    Market research information, including the recommended price and the seller’s target price, is included in the seller’s lead card, giving users quick access to key details. Users have the option to view the valuation of the property or create a comprehensive report directly within the parameters of this card. This will help the agent provide information to the seller or make a decision quickly without leaving the seller lead screen, helping the agent focus on communicating comprehensively with fewer distractions.

    Login with WhatsApp that brings the web and mobile app closer

    In order to bring the web part closer to mobile and improve the login experience, we added the opportunity to get a login password from WhatsApp to the web version. This development not only simplifies the user login process but also provides a seamless and convergent experience on both web and mobile platforms.

    5 to 10 times speed increase on filtered pages

    We have accelerated the filter pages with the development we made with the valuable efforts of our technology team. This enhancement provides significant acceleration, with performance gains ranging from at least 5x to up to 10x, depending on the type of demand. Thus, users can navigate more practically and analyze more smoothly.

    More knowledgeable agents, happier customers with matching listings listed

    We added the list, in addition to the map, to the matching listings section on the buyer detail page, allowing you to quickly help your buyer without missing any listings. With this update, every property is in the palm of your hand.

    Our latest speed-focused updates are up to now. Stay tuned for more!

    We wish you a productive day!

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