Get faster with February 2024 product updates!

In our latest updates, we aimed for a Fizbot that brings the web version closer to mobile, allows you to access your favorite reports faster, and allows you to follow your opportunities more practically. Let’s get started!

We’ve jazzed up the reports page to make it more intuitive and aligned with the Lead Management interface. Now, all your reports are neatly organized under one menu, complete with a snapshot of the latest updates. Plus, we’ve introduced a nifty feature that lets you pin your favorite reports to the top, ensuring your key insights are always within easy reach.

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    The Lead Management feature just got a major upgrade, especially for our mobile users. Dive into a detailed lead history that captures every action and stage update at a glance. And for those who like to keep things moving quickly, We have added quick action buttons for leads in pivotal stages. These handy shortcuts, now available on both web and mobile, are designed to make lead management a breeze.

    We’re taking the user experience up a notch for leads in the “Accepted Offer” and “Signed Contract” stages. Not only will you see a celebratory effect on the web to mark these milestones, but we’ve also introduced a new step to ensure every lead’s journey is well-documented. Adding contact information during stage updates is now a breeze, helping you keep your lead data both accurate and actionable.

    Our latest speed-focused updates are up to now. Stay tuned for more!

    We wish you a productive day!

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