What are the Most Important Challenges of Working with a Buyer?

In today’s conditions, where people and needs change extremely fast, doing real estate consultancy is extremely stressful. It is almost impossible to achieve success without effort, especially in the face of the many digital tools that guide property buyers and high expectations. However, facing these challenges and developing the right competencies for solutions are key to success. That’s why there are a few popular problems that every real estate professional serving the buyer’s market should learn to control.

1.   Insufficient Portfolio

The working logic in the real estate sector is quite simple and is based on generating income corresponding to the existing portfolio. So, especially when working with buyers, you should have one or more portfolio listings to offer after listening to the needs. Buying real estate requires a very long and difficult process, so buyers want to make the best decision by seeing multiple alternatives. Meanwhile, not offering them enough options means losing customers and is one of the most common problems in the real estate industry. The solution is obtaining portfolio richness using real estate tools and references. For this, you can make mutual promotions by agreeing with regional businesses, using reliable references and achieving general growth.

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    2.   Missing Cost Calculations

    Cost calculation errors are one of the main mistakes that should not be made while working with the buyer. In most cases, the budget is determined by calculating the price paid to the real estate purchase and commission, but real estate trading is much more expensive. Taking into account all of the expense items, such as the fees paid at the title deed transfer, the expenses incurred when searching for the property, and the maintenance costs to be paid when necessary after the purchase, allows you to make a difference as a consultant.

    3.   Unnecessarily Prolonged Process

    The real estate purchase process should be completed as smoothly and agile as possible to prevent the buyer from changing his mind. For this, making effective neighborhood analyses and property presentations that meet the needs is very important. Information that will make a difference in the decision phase can be researched through real estate CRM software and reported quickly. Thus, the risk of losing the customer to other professionals is eliminated.

    4.   Listing by Owner Challenges

    Real estate sharing sites host a large part of the real estate trade today; this convenience provided by the internet is preferred by a large percentage. In fact, these sites, which are extremely useful for consultants in stages such as listing management and follow-up, also carry the risk of creating a rival market due to the stock of advertisements they own. In order to attract buyers who are close to the owner’s listings, you need to inform the other party about the services you offer and the benefits of working with a real estate agent. Taking advantage of your past work and references is an important option at this stage. Another and more effective alternative is to make comparisons such as pricing, sales period and profit/loss status for the next period for the owner and consultant advertisements in your region through real estate software that performs an neighborhood analysis. Working with a consultant is more advantageous in speed, efficiency and profit, so buyers’ seeing this data in verifiable reports drastically changes the final decision.

    5.   Technological Challenges

    It is extremely important that every real estate agent who wants to catch up with the era’s standards and attract more buyers also serves as a digital real estate agent. But today, one of the biggest problems is that some real estate professionals cannot use new technologies, such as real estate software and 360° location display tools, well enough. As digitization increases, every professional must carry business standards into the future using efficient real estate agent software. Fizbot which stands out with features such as automatic data matching, reporting and listing tracking; One of the most successful options to speed up your business and ensure buyer satisfaction.

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