About Us

Founded in 2017 by Can Atuf Kansu, Emre Kaya, and Kerem Can Kaya, Makswin is a center that develops technological products by conducting software and R&D studies in the real estate field. In addition to its offices in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, Makswin serves thousands of real estate professionals with its offices in Lisbon, Portugal. Since its establishment, Makswin has been offering tools and technologies specific to the real estate sector and aims to expand further into the European market, supported by different investment rounds. Focusing on providing services in this direction, Makswin founders have conducted various studies to develop the real estate sector in Turkey since 2012 and offered Fizbot digital real estate software, which is among the leading software today, and proptech solutions that can be updated specifically for the sector. These solutions, offered as part of innovative real estate technologies, have enabled Makswin to become an organization that makes a difference in its field and has created fast, profitable and easy incentives for every person, institution, and organization in the real estate sector.

Combining advanced analytical data with an easy-to-use design and powerful technology, Makswin aims for simplicity and effectiveness in its products. In this way, it has helped to control sectoral needs more easily and to solve existing problems in the market as soon as possible. The technologies prepared for the use of real estate professionals are preferred by thousands of consultants in Turkey and Europe today, with many efficient tools ranging from portfolio management to market monitoring. Offering easy-to-integrate technologies for professionals who want to be informed about everything, Makswin continues its efforts to catch up with the times and aims to be the leading company in real estate and data analysis in Europe after Turkey in the future. Offering different products by utilizing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Makswin aims to further expand its position by strengthening its position with foreign venture capital.

Fizbot, with its search engine function in the real estate sector, brings together public data on the internet, which is completely open to the public and makes this information available to professional real estate consultants by adding value with its artificial intelligence technology and machine learning techniques. Fizbot Digital Assistant is a digital assistant technology designed specifically for the real estate sector to enable real estate consultants to easily keep up with the speed and needs of the service sector, which is becoming increasingly digitalized every day.



– Search Engine Function

Fizbot works like a search engine for the real estate sector. It offers you, our valued users, public information that is completely open to the public on the internet, in its own interface designed to be needed by a real estate consultant. Fizbot is not a real estate listing site. In Fizbot, which provides services by adhering to general search engine principles, it is not possible for users to publish real estate ads/listings using this application.


– Target Audience

Only real estate agents with a real estate authorization certificate and real estate offices to which these agents are affiliated can use Fizbot. The users of this application use the application only for commercial purposes and real persons who have the title of consumer within the scope of the legislation, other than real estate agents who are legal entites, cannot use this application.


– Data Content

Fizbot does not store or display all of the information related to real estate, but only display the information that will be important within the framework of the valuation and technical analysis of the relevant real estate and presents it to its users. The images included in this data are not full-size or technically processed images in the relevant source but only “thumbnail-sized” or “small-scale images”. Fizbot does not store and/or display to its users real estate-related descriptions written by legal entities or real persons in the relevant source.


– Public Data Usage

We believe that factual, technical data is public property and that equal opportunity should be provided at the point of access to this factual, technical data. With this vision, Fizbot makes factual, technical data from hundreds of publicly available sources available to our valued users using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. In accordance with general search engine principles, we only store and display information that will be important for the valuation and analysis of the relevant real estate properties. For this reason, our users who want to access more detailed information about the real estate can easily go to the listing source from the application and make detailed examinations by visiting the source where these listings are published. The content we have made available to you contains public and factual technical data that is completely open to the public.


– Personal Data Protection Law Compliance

Fizbot is an application developed within a company that has prioritized the rule of law since its establishment. For this reason, Fizbot does not store and/or display any data protected by the Personal Data Protection Law to its users within the application.