What is the importance of Lead Management in Real Estate sector?

The main goal of everyone working in the real estate industry is to reach buyers and sellers. It is important to bring buyers and sellers to the office as a lead, since both real estate agents, team leaders and office owners earn as a result of the transactions.

What is a Lead and How Does It Come?

Buyer and seller leads can come in more than one way. Resources such as classified ads sites, canvas and banner ads, testimonials, office website play an important role in bringing lead. A buyer who sees your ad on the classifieds site, on the poster on the property or on your website can come to your office and consult you. Similarly, a colleague or relative can recommend you and help create a buyer and seller lead. In summary, a lead can be defined as any buyer and seller that has the potential to turn into a realized transaction. While lead management used to be more passive in the past, real estate agents need to take a more proactive role in the digitalized world.

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    How Are Incoming Leads Managed Today?

    The functioning of each real estate office may vary within itself. The distribution of these leads can be made easier, especially in local offices consisting of a few agents. However, in offices with large number of employees and franchise offices, the assignment of leads has to be more systematic. Today, this system is actually based on lack of system in general. Leads coming to the office may not be fully understood, appointments may not be made to the right person on time, primary and secondary communications may not be established on time with assigned leads, and the follow-up of leads may not be done efficiently enough to turn into a transaction. In summary, lead management is very important for offices and all real estate agents, but it may not be appreciated enough or applied in the most effective way.

    What Do Real Estate Agents Want About Leads?

    It is one of the most important issues for real estate agents to quickly return to the incoming leads, to carry out the follow-ups properly and, as a result, to turn the leads into service fees. In this process, we can list the needs of real estate agents and office owners as follows:

    • To be able to create demands of incoming buyer and seller leads
    • To see the created requests on a single screen
    • Assigning the requests to the relevant people after creating them
    • Following the requests and ensuring that the relevant person follows the lead
    • Extracting maximum appointments, portfolios and transactions from incoming requests
    • To be able to take actions according to incoming demands quickly and before competitors
    • To enable the agent to approach the most appropriate service to the assigned lead with a more relevant and tighter follow-up process, to monitor and manage this process
    • Enabling agents to make more cold calls, reach more customers, hold more meetings, and turn it into sales
    • Get more service fees

    What is Fizbot’s New Lead Management Feature and What Does It Change?

    It opens a window that was not previously available in the market for real estate agents and offices to increase service fee income through lead.

    First of all, the lead form must be filled properly. In addition to information such as name, surname, phone number, mail, language, a lead can be added manually or by getting from an advertisement. Some basic information about the property must also be entered. Among these are mandatory information to be entered for rent/sale, category, type, square meter and price range. Information such as elevator, garden, balcony, pool, warehouse, garage, building age and number of rooms can also be added to achieve better results. It is also important to enter location information. The transaction is completed when the relevant agent is assigned to the said lead.

    On the Leads page added to the submenu, there are important information such as the name of the lead, its requests, the announcement information if it came through the listing, the name of the agent assigned to the lead, the day of assignment, and the source of the lead. At the same time, users can sort and filter this information. Each lead exists in a different stage. These progress as Prospect, Contacted, Qualified, Meeting, and Contract. If the lead is a buyer, it is listed as Prospect, Contacted, Qualified, Meeting, Showing and Offer.

    The “Lead Management” feature, the product of months of detailed and meticulous work, is just one of the numerous features Fizbot provides to real estate agents. However, this important innovation helps solve a critical problem mentioned above: turning leads into service fees.

    So how does Fizbot Lead Management do it? Brokers and office managers both create and assign requests to the relevant people on a single screen, providing a more professional and easier-to-use environment for agents. This system, which also prevents communication breakdowns, prevents dispersed work. With this feature, which saves us from constantly updating Excel, the offices that work in a planned and organized way play an important role in contributing to the office turnover by making a positive impact on the performance of the agents, by quickly transforming the leads into service fees.

    You can click here to start discovering Fizbot, which offers solutions to the digital needs of real estate agents such as Lead Management!

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