Benefits of AI Technologies to Real Estate

Technologies that have been constantly changing and developing since the beginning of the industrial revolution around the world have advanced in recent years. While professions and job descriptions need to be reinterpreted in the current situation, unfortunately, sectors that cannot keep up with the times face the danger of extinction. The situation is no different […]

How to Write a Good Property Description

If you are a real estate agent, you also need to be a great marketer. There is nothing like using online advertising tools to impress potential buyers and attract the attention of the other party. While some properties sell themselves, it is often more effective to write a successful description. So how do you write […]

The Endpoint of Virtual Tours

The adoption of technology in real estate continues unabated, and new property buyers, in particular, complete their preferences by taking advantage of virtual tour opportunities. However, while VR application developments and artificial intelligence studies continue, innovations in the real estate market are constantly updated. In this article, we have shared in detail the types of […]

Traditional Marketing Methods Real Estate Agents Cannot Give Up

While many traditional real estate marketing methods are left behind in the digital age we live in, adopting more innovative techniques has become the key to success. Although software, artificial intelligence-supported programs, and many other developments disrupt the real estate sector, according to experts, some basic techniques should not be left behind to achieve long-term […]

How Are Houses Prepared for Tours?

Selling or renting out property can be a challenging experience for real estate agents and agents. Today, thanks to the advantages of technology, properties may find customers in a shorter time through listing tools, but effective placement tactics need to be learned before making these tools most useful because each property has its own advantages […]

Why Rental Inflation Cannot Be Prevented in Europe?

Rental prices, which have increased rapidly in Europe since 2010, have reached their peak after the Covid-19 pandemic. In an environment where it is very difficult to own a house due to the changes in the real estate market, the upward trend in rental prices continues today and it is thought that if it cannot […]

Real Estate Video Types

Real estate videos, which have been increasing in number recently, have become one of the most effective marketing strategies. Real estate videos, which stand out with their impressiveness, help many real estate professionals to sell portfolio ads faster and earn a higher income. We have prepared a short guide by bringing together the types of […]

Forecast for Real Estate for Generations to Come

The accelerated digitalization after Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the real estate industry. The modern real estate market, where almost everything from looking for a house to buying, takes place through online platforms, has been seriously affected by the global wave of transformation. So how much change does the future of the real estate industry hold […]

Future Technologies for Realtors

The real estate sector is being updated every day by turning into an ecosystem where technology is used more and more. In this transformative sector, which is advancing with digital innovation, future-oriented adaptations are required in order to follow new trends and produce solutions for modern needs and exist in the competitive market. Fintech solutions […]

What are the Reasons for Not Being Able to Sell Your Portfolio?

Many developments in the real estate industry closely affect home prices and portfolio opportunities for consultants.  The low demand in the sector and low purchasing power are generally the most important reasons why the current ads cannot be sold.  However, sometimes individual mistakes such as not taking proper photos, not sharing enough descriptive ads, and […]