What is a Seller Lead and Why Is It Important?

The most effective way for real estate agents to earn income in the real estate sector is to follow the leads and turn them into action. Leads are divided into buyers and sellers. A Buyer Lead is someone who comes to a real estate agent or office to buy or rent a property, while a Seller Lead wants to sell or rent their property. In our sector, where both types of leads are essential for real estate agents, managing seller leads becomes more complex and demanding for offices and agents. In this process, it is vital to have an automatic and intelligent system that will make your work easier and save you time.

How to Get a Seller Lead?

Seller Leads can reach real estate agents and offices in several ways. These are:

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    • Via a listing or criteria on a classifieds site: Seller comes to or calls the office. He gives information about the property he wants to sell. He has published the listing himself and has not found a buyer within the time he expected or has not posted an listing yet. A ticket is opened based on the property type, m2, listing location, or publication criteria.
    • Requests from the immediate environment: Group broker, broker, team leader or agent receives requests through any channel, mostly from the close environment. Neighbors, relatives, friends reach the agent or one of the roles listed above and convey that they want to sell/rent or buy/rent a house.
    • With the reference of another agent (Referral): If a seller request is received outside the scope of the service, the agent may refer the client to another expert in his field.
    • Through a listing on the office’s website or via a chatbot/typeform: The seller calls or comes to the office. Specifies the properties of the property he wants to sell (m2, category, location.) The request is created based on the specified criteria.
    • Automatic leads for real estate agents using Fizbot: In order for each user with agent status to start using the application, an expertise area must first be selected. The listings published in the regions they choose are automatically assigned to the Lead Pipeline of the agents by Fizbot.

    Why is it Important to Track Seller Leads?

    The real estate agent should record the seller leads that come to him in order to keep track of them. The job will be easier if the lead that comes through the listing can be saved over the listing, and the leads that come without a listing can be saved manually. The purpose of this system is to complete the transaction of a seller who wants to sell or rent his property and return it to the contract. Suppose an agent receives an average of five leads a day, and the advisor is only interested in one due to lack of planning. In that case, the remaining four potential sellers will work with other agents. That’s why it’s so important to use a planned and automated Lead Management Module.

    How Are Seller Leads Managed Today?

    Advisors try to manage Seller Leads that come or are assigned to them in several ways:

    • Notebooks
    • MS Excel files
    • Various note papers

    Seller Leads that are not collected in one place may be lost. Furthermore, it may become impossible to identify the points where problems occur regularly during the process.

    What are the Advantages of Managing Seller Leads with Fizbot?

    The Seller Lead section added to Fizbot’s Lead Management Module provides many advantages to agents and real estate offices. Advantages for agents are:

    • Seeing Seller Leads in one place
    • Automating and optimizing Seller Leads
    • Following the Seller Leads stage by stage

    The advantages for real estate offices are:

    • Centralized management of leads coming to the office through a single platform
    • Assigning Leads to the office more quickly, effectively and accurately
    • Identifying the sales process stage where the agents in the office have difficulties in general and presenting the necessary solutions and suggestions

    As a result, in today’s world, where speed and tracking are becoming increasingly important, it is imperative to manage Seller Leads quickly and effectively. You can click here for more detailed information about Fizbot, which offers this service to real estate agents and offices as a first in the sector.

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