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Experience the power of pace, control, and follow-up in real estate with Fizbot. Remain updated with market changes, provide tailor-made information, and start boosting your revenue!

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Never Mıss AnythIng

Stay Informed About the Market

As the dynamics of the real estate market rapidly change, it is crucial to stay up to date with innovations. With Fizbot, you can use the power of extensive data insights to make informed decisions in your expertise area.

Use cutting-edge tools such as Digital Valuation, Instant Listing Reports, Expertise Area Reports, Neighborhood Reports, and real time Expertise Area Tracking to ensure you’re always at the forefront of the industry.

Access to Sold Listings

Instant Reports

Digital Valuations

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Provıde Best Insıghts

Convince Your Customers

Clients must trust you while buying or renting property. Fizbot lets you reveal any listings duplicates, price history, create personalized presentations, and make calculations to develop trust.

These technologies will speed up your clients’ decision making process and earn their trust.

Listing History & Duplicates

Personalized Presentations

Loan & Interest Calculators

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Be ın control of your busıness

Build and Manage Your Sales Database

Your clients are your cornerstone, deserving of your unwavering focus. Attain unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction with Fizbot’s sophisticated automated database, specifically tailored for the savvy real estate professional. 

Easily match your sellers and buyers, manage your leads, enjoy automatic buyer leads, and construct your personalized CRM with Fizbot at your side.

Seller-Buyer Matching

Lead Management

Automated Notifications

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#1 Choice of Leading Industry Experts

I like the FSBO features and giving property links to clients, even if they belong to others, because they appear as if they are mine, and I don’t lose the buyer because my contacts are visible. I enjoy getting notifications when customers click on my links. Fizbot is my second favorite software after Remax since it is one-of-a-kind, encompasses everything, and can be used by anyone.”

Lúcia Veríssimo

Real Estate Agent, REMAX Latina II

I call buyers and sellers very intensively. Leads offered by Fizbot through the Lead Management Module diversify my searches and help me. The fact that the application offers me new opportunities every day and allows me to enter more than one request for a person alleviates my busy work pace and contributes to me. As the group manager of the office, I can easily say that the reports we receive from Fizbot on behalf of my team and myself provide accurate results and we are very satisfied with the application.”

Recep Ünal

Team Leader, Keller Williams Fores Şişli

I consider Fizbot to be a valuable and practical tool for my professional activities. I am open and appreciative of any potential enhancements that may be introduced.”

Paulo Pombeiro

Agent, DP One

I perceive Fizbot as an advantageous resource for real estate consultants, primarily due to its user-friendly property search functionality via the map interface. I predominantly employ Fizbot to identify ‘For Sale By Owner’ (fisbo) properties and to maintain an informed perspective on activities within my designated area.

Additionally, I appreciate the streamlined process of adding contacts and the leads generated when new properties surface that may pique client interest.1

Cátia Marques

Agent, DP One

I would like to provide a positive feedback. The application proves to be valuable. It assists us in our property search by offering timely alerts for preferred areas. It is a comprehensive application that presents us with comprehensive information about a property’s market presence and ranking, enabling us to elaborate to the client on the current state of market analysis. Furthermore, it supplies annual yields for properties. As a result, I consider it a top-tier application.”

Luis Fraga

Agent, DP Factory

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The application impresses with its intuitive interface and comprehensive features. With a wide variety of search options and detailed information about properties, it makes the task of a real estate consultant an efficient experience. A virtual assistant!”

Francisco Aires

Agent, RE/MAX Exclusive

In the prevailing context of the current Real Estate Market, Fizbot assumes an indispensable role for all Real Estate Consultants. We emphasize the assortment of near-real-time tools catering to both buyers and sellers, conferring upon us a substantial advantage over other tools in an increasingly competitive Market.”

Henrique Pinto

Agent, DP Factory

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