The Future of VR in the Real Estate Industry

The increasing use of technology by remote working in recent years has also reflected positively on the real estate market and has made things much easier for professionals. The real estate industry, which has progressed in many areas from virtual tours to bird’s eye planning thanks to drone technology, is now trying to adapt to virtual reality (VR). This dazzling new technology encompasses much more than just taking a house tour or customer management. Let’s look at how virtual reality, which offers an immersive and realistic experience, can shape the real estate market!

1.   Design Process

For today’s architects, the design process proceeds through advanced computer programs. Although these programs for 2d and 3d drawing provide great benefits in the visualization phase of the project, this experience can be much more realistic with VR technologies. For example, In many of the classical modelling programs, the drawing takes time and space is only examined through the created image. With virtual reality glasses, the opportunity to feel inside the property in 3D is possible thanks to VR technologies. Therefore, VR technologies, which carry the design process to a realistic dimension from the first moment, can be used by real estate professionals in project presentations.

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    2.   Light Effect

    Taking a virtual house tour using VR technologies offers the opportunity to evaluate the property from many angles. For example; For the person who wants to see a house physically, a certain time of day is determined, and this period may not be enough to show all the advantages of the property. Virtual tours can show the effects of natural light such as sunrise and sunset, or examine the change of material details in the space according to light. Virtual tours controlled through a series of vehicles can offer a realistic experience of different times in a single session by changing the time and day options. This means more home sales and customer returns for real estate professionals using VR technology.

    3.   Housing Construction

    Signing under zero projects that have not yet been completed is a subject that many people hesitate about. This type of construction project that real estate offices frequently offer can find more buyers thanks to VR technologies. Virtual tours are useful for showing unfinished projects and meeting a potential client’s needs. For example, Wall colour, floor material or similar details can be changed with just a few buttons, depending on the person’s needs. This makes an awe-inspiring presentation, helping to find buyers for the project under construction.

    4.   Saving time

    Thanks to VR technology, maximum savings are achieved from increasingly valuable time. It eliminates the need to physically reach anywhere for both the client and the real estate employee. Only with the help of the internet and technology can all the property decisions be made through online dating networks as if they were really there. Investment potentials can be discussed or different alternatives can be evaluated when necessary. All this can only be accomplished using equipment and technology without wasting extra time.

    In order to stand out in the currently competitive real estate market, VR technology needs to be used in conjunction with various real estate programs. Although virtual tours used today are part of virtual reality, it is a fact that this technology will be made much more useful in the future by combining it with developments such as Metaverse, 5G and Big Data. Therefore, it is very important to prepare in the best way for these new developments, which provide advantages to real estate professionals and customers separately.

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