Frequently Asked Questions

Fizbot Sales Navigator™

Fizbot Sales Navigator™ is a unique sales management platform developed exclusively for the use of real estate agencies. It is designed to enhance the speed and follow-through of real estate agents, while also providing a platform for the agency to effectively track, manage, and evaluate their overall performance.

Fizbot Sales Navigator™ allows brokers to enhance their agents’ capabilities by guiding them in complicated situations and delivering advanced data analysis. It helps establish a sales pipeline for the agency, a crucial element for any sales-driven organization. It enhances the quality of seller and buyer leads, thereby enabling smoother and more efficient sales operations. Ultimately, it allows brokers and agencies to better control their business.

While it is specifically tailored for real estate agencies, Fizbot Sales Navigator™ offers real estate agents a clearer understanding of their leads and sales processes, and, crucially, their sales success. Leads that are assigned from the agency, smart notifications, and detailed performance reports help real estate agents to improve their sales performance.

Fizbot Sales Navigator™ has three key components: Sales Pipeline, Engagement, and Performance. Sales Pipeline involves constructing an independent sales pipeline, tracking your leads, and empowering your agents. Engagement entails enhancing leads and alerting your agents when required. Under Performance, you have the ability to monitor leads, keep track of sales activities, view the sales pipeline, and assess agent performance.


Fizbot; With its search engine function specific to the real estate sector; brings together public data on the internet, which is completely open to the public, and makes this information available to professional real estate agents by adding value with its artificial intelligence technology and machine learning techniques. In addition, Fizbot Digital Assistant is a technology designed specifically for the real estate sector in order to enable real estate agents to easily keep up with the speed and needs of the service sector, which is becoming more and more digitalized every day.

Only real estate agents with a real estate authorization certificate and real estate offices to which these agents are affiliated can use Fizbot. The users of this application use the application only for commercial purposes and real persons who have the title of consumer within the scope of the legislation, other than real estate agents who are legal entites, cannot use this application.

Real estate professionals using Fizbot complete their daily work in a more efficient and analytical way by taking advantage of the conveniences provided by technology. Thanks to these studies, while increasing the income of real estate agents and real estate stakeholders, it ensures justice in the need for housing by enabling the customers of real estate agents to find a more suitable home.

With the CRM tools it has developed, Fizbot aims to save time by digitalizing all the work of professionals operating in the real estate sector, while at the same time increasing the earnings of users and the quality of service they provide to their customers with high-tech added values. It also provides convenience to its users by organizing and bringing together all publicly available factual tachincal data.

Fizbot helps its users to minimize the effects of mispricing and fluctuations in the sector by providing a broad perspective with the information it collects by adhering to search engine principles.

Since Fizbot has the function of a search engine in the real estate sector, it offers public information that is completely open to the public on the internet to our valued users on its own interface. Fizbot does not store or display aforementioned information and only contains and presents to its users that will be important within the framework of the valuation and technical analysis of the relevant real estate. The content we have made available includes public and factual technical data that are completely open to the public. The images included in this data are not full-sized or technically processed images in the relevant source, but only “thumbnail-sized” or “small sized” images. Fizbot does not store and/or display to its users the real estate descriptions written by legal entites or real persons in the relevant source.

You can start your Fizbot membership through the communication channels on You can also cancel your membership through the same channels. You can find detailed information about canceling your membership at

Fizbot makes the factual technical data obtained from hundreds of publicly available sources available to you, our valued users, by using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. In accordance with the general search engine principles, since we only contain and display information that will be important for the valuation and analysis of the relevant real estate, our users who want to access more detailed information about the real estate can easily go to the listing source from the application and make detailed examinations.

Fizbot is an application developed within a company that prioritizes and upholds the rule of law since its establishment. For this reason, Fizbot does not store and/or display any data protected by the Personal Data Protection Law to its users.

Fizbot is not a real estate listing site. In Fizbot, which provides services by adhering to general search engine principles, it is not possible for users to publish real estate ads/listings using this application.