Developing Sales Processes and Team Management by Using Technology

The real estate industry has changed drastically in recent years. Due to the importance of reliability, flexibility, versatility, and efficiency throughout the industry, it has become imperative for real estate professionals to use technological tools for management. This is where software that provides efficient communication to consultants and team managers with collaboration started to come into play. So, how does software like Fizbot, which is with industry experts from reaching maximum customers to establishing a synchronized team, affect the sales process?

Benefits of Technology to Sales and Team Management

Degree of success in the real estate sector; It is affected by different factors such as catching market trends, making accurate predictions, and developing innovative strategies. The most decisive point here is how quickly and accurately customer needs are met. The use of technology is essential, as it is impossible to make fast sales with traditional methods and follow the process without errors. However, in the meantime, it would be much more accurate to choose software such as Fizbot, which both helps develop sector expertise and are suitable for teamwork.

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    The main advantages of such applications that provide added value to real estate offices are as follows:

    1.    Generating New Leads

    The key to success in real estate lies with the customers. It is very important to convert potential consumers into new leads for business continuity. However, since the high competition, you should actively benefit from customer management platforms and meet expectations by identifying the right needs, especially when working with the vendor.

    At this point, Fizbot, which helps you add customer data to a multi-channel system and exchange it when necessary, can provide you with great functionality. Adding industry seller leads to a single interface allows you to collaborate with your team and gather more information in less time. Thanks to such a system, you can quickly complete the needs analysis and create the ideal solutions for the end consumer.

    2.    Smart Lead Management

    One of the main problems in the industry is the inability to provide business management properly. Especially after creating new leads, customer data should be examined, and needs analysis should be done. Organizing a meeting and keeping communication with the customer active is also important to offer alternative solutions afterward. At the last stage, official documents must be prepared; bids must be submitted and closed. If all this gradual division of labor is not properly controlled, things can easily get out of hand, and potential customer leads can be missed.

    Fizbot smart lead management module; It allows for saving of the relevant tasks in the system during the whole period from the first contact with the customer to the finalization of the offer. In partnership with your team, you can closely follow all work steps, be involved in the necessary stages, and make assignments for specific tasks. In this way, you prevent delays caused by possible communication breakdowns and the risks of losing customers. You also create a much more efficient working model.

    3.    Analysis and Data Tracking

    When working with a vendor, we need a lot of analysis. For example, you must research numerous factors simultaneously, such as housing prices, average rental rates, region analysis, new potentials, and demographic structure. This type of research is too much to be done manually. Fizbot, on the other hand, allows you to access all the data you want through the rich database and present this data by reporting when necessary. But that’s not the only way to use analytics and data tracking. As soon as you seize an opportunity, you follow and update it step by step. Thanks to the fast data flow, you can access verifiable analyses that may interest the seller, make cold calls, and collect the disparate information you have in a single file.

    4.    Performance Improvement

    Another advantage provided by the Fizbot lead module is that real estate professionals control their productivity. Working with a seller is versatile and requires you to work with different estate agents at different steps. For this reason, it is important to monitor employee performance in terms of work efficiency closely. However, this performance measurement cannot be determined by traditional methods.

    From the first moment of creating an opportunity, you can get detailed information about seller analysis, region data, and employee moves. In this way, you can make healthy improvements, determine which point of the work is productive, and find the most effective way to work as a team.

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