What is Open House? (Open Invitation)

The open house is one of the trending sales techniques in the real estate industry. According to statistics, 12% of potential buyers prefer to buy a house by attending open invitation events. For this reason, it is of great importance for real estate consultants who want to gain portfolio richness to have more information about […]

What is a Golden Visa?

Golden Visa is a type of visa that covers European Union countries and offers non-EU citizens a set of rights such as residence and living in return for a particular investment. This program, which covers European countries other than England, is particularly advantageous in Portugal, which stands out with its mild climate, vast coastline and […]

How can you stay safe at home?

A safe home means a personal place decorated in our own style and where we are at peace with our loved ones. Increasing crime rates in today’s society have made it much more essential to keep our homes, which are our shelters, safe. Taking adequate precautions against natural disasters such as fire and earthquakes and […]

What is a Tiny House?

The real estate sector is transforming day by day in terms of both new generation real estate programs and modern architectural trends. The last part of this transformation is actually the “Tiny house” movement that emerged after the global economic crisis in the USA in 2008-2012. The tiny house is an innovative concept that means […]

Is It Better To Rent Or Buy?

Owning a home is everyone’s dream. Renting an existing house or buying a new one is a confusing question for every period. Especially today, the increase in housing and rental prices continues to leave landlords and potential buyers in a dilemma. While regular monthly returns are provided from the rented houses, it comes to the […]

What is Social Proof in Real Estate?

The fact that today’s modern world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and digital fields has brought new generation concepts along while affecting the way of doing business. “Social proof” is one of the key points in establishing consumer interaction with the work done and is also frequently encountered among these renewed concepts. One of […]

What is the Square Meter Unit Price?

The labour and material prices, which increase each year compared to the previous year, also affect the square meter unit price, which is frequently encountered in real estate sales. Since real estate is one of the most reliable investment instruments of every period, these price changes in the market are followed by a wide audience. […]

How to Become a Regional Specialist Real Estate Agent?

It is normal for you to want to expand your business while working as a real estate consultant. The most basic thing you need to do for this is to reach the expert consultant status in your field. The moment you prove your expertise in your area, it is very possible to achieve success by […]

How to Post an Effective Real Estate Advertisement?

Today, the fact that real estate trade is generally carried out on online platforms once again emphasizes the quality of the shares made on these platforms. According to the research, the higher the quality of the photos used in real estate advertisements and the more detailed the information shared, the faster the sale or rental […]