How can you stay safe at home?

A safe home means a personal place decorated in our own style and where we are at peace with our loved ones. Increasing crime rates in today’s society have made it much more essential to keep our homes, which are our shelters, safe. Taking adequate precautions against natural disasters such as fire and earthquakes and threats such as theft is very effective for you to feel safe. You can make your living spaces extra sheltered with these measures that make you feel comfortable while staying at home or on vacation!

Intelligent Imaging Systems

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    Today, many new generation technologies make home security easier. At the beginning of these, alarm and video display systems are very effective in keeping your home away from thieves. Camera systems that can be managed remotely and placed in different corners of the house also feature recording. Upon detection of a hidden entrance to the house, the alarm activates, making a loud sound and sending a warning to you or the police. In this way, both the intervention to the scene is carried out as soon as possible, and the identity of the trespassers can be understood through the recorded video.

    Laminated Glass

    One of the most frequently preferred methods of thieves when entering the house is to enter through the window. For this, the glasses must be shatter-resistant laminated or unbreakable glass. Laminated glass, which is different from conventional glass, increases your safety as it consists of two or more layers. In addition, since the effort to break this glass will make a loud noise, it also acts as an attractive element for thieves.

    Window Railings

    In addition to laminated glass, railing options need to be evaluated to ensure the safety of windows. If the windows are left open, guardrails that prevent entry from outside are one of the most effective burglary solutions. Although window railings are perceived as an outdated measure, there are many modern and unique design options. The balustrades, which are in harmony with the facade design, make it impossible to break the glass.

    Garden and Garage Security

    If you live in a house with a garden or garage, you should also increase the security measures in these areas. For this, you can take advantage of camera systems that you can hide by adding them to the garden landscape, so you will make the garden design eye-catching while providing the necessary protection at the same time. Motion-detecting sensors or alarms are other options you can use to increase garden security. To prevent vehicle theft, you can add a unique video camera system to the garage door and deter thieves.

    Environmental Safety

    Along with all this, one of the most effective steps in home security is to choose reliable neighbourhoods where you can build a happy home with your loved ones. For this, you can get advice from a real estate consultant who is an expert in regional analysis and choose safe areas suitable for your budget. It is also of great importance for real estate consultants to make regional analyses and solve problems related to security measures. That’s why real estate programs that make environmental ad comparisons are life savers for consultants. Digital real estate consultant software that compares similar advertisements in the region, archives historical data, and analyses effectively makes it much easier to find the most suitable residences for customer criteria.

    Fizbot, a new generation of digital real estate software, is one of the most used programs by consultants in this sense. This real estate CRM software, which facilitates personalized housing selection with its advanced tools, analysis features and comparisons, is very effective for consultants in making a difference in their field.

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