What is Open House? (Open Invitation)

The open house is one of the trending sales techniques in the real estate industry. According to statistics, 12% of potential buyers prefer to buy a house by attending open invitation events. For this reason, it is of great importance for real estate consultants who want to gain portfolio richness to have more information about open invitation events and to integrate this system into their marketing technique by using digital real estate software tools.

What is Open House?

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    The open house is a concept frequently used in the overseas real estate market, especially in the USA. This marketing technique, which has become popular in our country in recent years, is indispensable to the luxury housing trade. In the open house method, real estate that is not normally open to the public is open to visitors for a certain period. This way, institutions such as real estate agencies and architectural offices introduce their work to the public. A home presentation is also made to potential buyers within a planned time frame.

    How to Make an Open House?

    The purpose of the open house system is to show the existing real estate to many visitors simultaneously and sell it with the lowest budget. For this reason, the presentation made during the invitation and the way of expressing the house should be carefully planned. Open house events are organized by the joint decision of the owner and consultant, but the host is not present during the event. Visiting hours are determined for the residence open for the invitation, and anyone can come and visit the property during this period. In the meantime, to increase the sales rate, it is necessary to pay attention to the layout, cleanliness and characteristics of the house in the best way.

    Open house events are usually held on weekends, and various treats and coffee are served for visitors to snack on before the event. After opening, visitors are given a detailed tour of the house, its surroundings, and what it would feel like to live at home. An event organized this way is an excellent opportunity for real estate consultants to expand their portfolios. Such events are often advertised on digital platforms and on-site bulletin boards. Therefore, as a digital real estate consultant, it becomes possible to plan open house events and attract the attention of a broad audience.

    Benefits of Open House System

    There is an ongoing competitive environment in the real estate sector. Adding the best properties to the portfolio, gaining a broader client base and increasing the speed of sales is a dream goal of all real estate agents. To stand out in the sector, real estate CRM platforms that facilitate specialization in customer management and real estate programs that make market analysis should be used together. Along with all this, it is necessary to learn special real estate marketing techniques, and an open house is the most effective way to sell an existing house to potential buyers. Although online advertisement sites reach many people, selling on these platforms may not be as fast as expected because the crowd of online advertisements can distract potential buyers and prevent them from making clear decisions.

    Open house, on the other hand, is a system in which potential buyers visit a single house together, ensuring that all the advantages of the house are revealed. In addition, the fact that different buyers come to visit simultaneously effectively makes a quicker decision for the visitor. For this reason, it is essential to answer all the buyers’ questions entirely during the event. For this, it is necessary to obtain detailed information on issues such as the region, environment, housing, and past residents. Fizbot, which enables you to examine all the details of the current real estate with environmental analysis, ad comparisons and price tracking, stands out as a new generation of real estate consultant software.

    You can start using Fizbot’s rich database immediately to make a good impression on your customers and increase sales with open house events. You can find detailed information on the subject here.

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