How Does Your Home Affect Your Health?

The houses where we spend most of our lives are the areas where we feel most comfortable and peaceful. However, most of the time, not paying attention to certain aspects of home life leads to an unhealthy and very far from being fit. Generally, poorly lit and ventilated houses pose severe dangers to physical as well as psychological health. The primary step in establishing a healthy, happy and peaceful life is to make the living space healthy.

Importance of Home Health

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    The shelter is one of the basic human needs, along with food and clothing. Today, it is known that a healthy living space is effective in living a longer and happier life. For each person to lead a peaceful life with their family and loved ones, the house they live in should have various equipment. Many physical health problems may occur in houses that are not adequately ventilated and illuminated, as well as psychological problems such as depression and pessimism. It is essential to organise the living spaces according to the needs of the person and to make them healthy to avoid such problems that negatively affect the individual’s social life and enjoyment.

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    Things to Avoid for a Healthy Home

    Many factors make the living space unhealthy. Although minor, certain aspects often overlooked are very harmful to human health. For this reason, everyone who wants to avoid diseases, to feel psychologically motivated and lead a happy life should pay attention to specific issues.

    Opening the windows during the day, especially airing the areas where you spend a long time, such as the bedroom and living room, affects the mood positively. At the same time, it prevents complaints such as shortness of breath and heart palpitations by cleaning the polluted air in the house.

    Fluffing the pillows and making the bed after getting out of bed helps to improve the energy in the room and makes the person feel energetic.

    Burning fresh herbs such as sage and laurel at home cleans the air inside and refreshes the environment.

    Fragrances such as candles and incense positively affect psychology, mainly when used in bathroom and bedroom decoration.

    When you get up in the morning, opening the curtains, going out to the balcony and allowing light to enter the house provide a more vigorous start to the day. Waking up in a dark house without light causes many diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency in the first place and invites problems such as depression.

    Feeding plants at home and watering the plants daily makes the living area look more lively and gives happiness to people. It is possible to sleep more comfortably and healthily when plants that clean the air are used, especially in areas such as bedrooms.

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