What is a Golden Visa?

Golden Visa is a type of visa that covers European Union countries and offers non-EU citizens a set of rights such as residence and living in return for a particular investment. This program, which covers European countries other than England, is particularly advantageous in Portugal, which stands out with its mild climate, vast coastline and attractive investment opportunities. Portugal, which is more affordable than other European countries, also offers opportunities such as obtaining citizenship or a permanent residence permit within five years for those who invest with Golden Visa.

Portugal Golden Visa Advantages

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    Portugal Golden Visa is the easiest way to obtain residence, education and residence permits by investing abroad. It also stands out with its advantages such as:

    Visa-free travel permit in the Schengen country

    Right to live in Portugal

    Work or self-employment permit with no additional requirements other than a Portuguese residence permit

    Benefiting from education and health services, receiving free health services in state hospitals

    Tax exemption on foreign income for those who spend more than six months of the year in Portugal

    There are two different ways to benefit from Golden Visa: These are; Investing in real estate or buying funds. Portuguese real estate, valued in the European real estate market, stands out with its high earning potential and offers additional opportunities such as obtaining citizenship in the country.

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    How to Get Portugal Golden Visa?

    The most common investment option preferred in the golden visa investment is real estate investment. Although it is possible to start the process with fund investment, real estate investment is seen as one of the safest investment tools worldwide. The advantage of the acquired rights and the fact that the real estate market follows a rising trend makes Portugal stand out among the golden visa options. At the end of a 5-year program, anyone who meets the following conditions can be eligible for citizenship:

    Completing the 5-year residency program

    Have a clean criminal record

    A2 level of Portuguese

    Investing at least 280,000 Euros

    To hold the investment until citizenship

    After these conditions are met, they have the right to live in other EU countries as a citizen. Therefore, it is possible to move to one of the other countries after completing one of the Portugal, Spain or Italy golden visa programs. The high advantages of the foreign market in terms of employment, education and employment rights become easy to obtain with the golden visa.

    The most critical issue here is to find an investment that will be valuable in the future and consult the right experts. For this reason, anyone who wants to become a global and expert real estate agent should acquire real estate programs that make it easier to follow the European real estate market. Facilitating digital transformation by differentiating both domestic and international working experiences, Fizbot offers numerous advantages with its tools. Fizbot, a full-fledged real estate agent software, helps to increase the level of efficiency in the market with its feature that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. In addition, it facilitates customer management and allows you to get an idea about changing world standards by accessing a rich database.

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