What is a Tiny House?

The real estate sector is transforming day by day in terms of both new generation real estate programs and modern architectural trends. The last part of this transformation is actually the “Tiny house” movement that emerged after the global economic crisis in the USA in 2008-2012. The tiny house is an innovative concept that means much more than a house. From mobile container homes to custom-designed wooden cabins

 Let’s take a closer look at this innovative lifestyle that allows you to carry the comfort of home with you.

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    What is a Tiny House?

    The tiny house is a way of life that emerged as a kind of necessity due to the economic crisis and is generally referred to as tiny living spaces such as 10 to 30 square meters. Small houses, which can be designed as wheels or fixed, have become one of the most interesting products of the real estate sector today. Everyone, from families who want to make their summer vacation plans independently to nature lovers who want to travel to every corner, evaluates tiny house options.

    These minimalist houses, which are especially known for their use in boutique hotels and campsites, are also known to offer an adequate and reasonable living space. In addition, thanks to their different building materials, sizes and designs and their ability to be individually designed, each user can obtain a space that appeals to himself. In addition, since the tiny houses can be designed in a modular, that is, articulated structure, it is possible to add to the house and expand the existing plan if it is insufficient later on. Therefore, many landowners are turning to the tiny house trend more, given the increasing housing prices today.

    This large-scale housing change has also forced the real estate sector to change. Tiny houses, which have become one of the most logical options for building a house, especially for those who own land outside the city, are also among the most frequently searched concepts on ad-sharing platforms. Therefore, as a digital real estate consultant, it is extremely important to follow these renewed real estate processes closely and find solutions to their needs. At this stage, it is very beneficial to learn about the tiny house trend with all its features and use real estate software that makes it easy to compare advertisements.

    What are the Tiny House Features?

    Let’s come to the features that a tiny house should have.

    First, not every small-scale house is included in the tiny house concept. The most important feature of tiny house projects is that they are minimalist and environmentalist. In other words, tiny houses are never made of reinforced concrete; instead, they are made of wood or special materials prepared in the laboratory that do not harm the environment. This makes it a sustainable and nature-friendly way of life. Another issue that should be mentioned when talking about a tiny house is the number of floors. These houses are often produced on wheels and do not require ground excavation. Therefore, it can be taken from one place to another, such as a trailer or transported on towing vehicles. For this reason, tiny houses should not be too heavy and should be easily transported and built.

    Tiny houses, usually built as a single storey veranda or mezzanine, have everything in a normal house. This design, which focuses on maximising the space, increases the space efficiency, so it meets all the functions in a classic house, such as washing machine, refrigerator, television, oven and storage area. Efficient, light and ecologically designed small houses are the ideal options for use in zoned or unzoned plots or gardens.

    Being an expert on the tiny house, which stands out as both a safe and an economical option in our country located in the earthquake zone, is important for every real estate consultant. At this stage, you can immediately benefit from the unique features of Fizbot, a real estate agent software that will speed you up and help you better understand customer needs.

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