What is the Square Meter Unit Price?

The labour and material prices, which increase each year compared to the previous year, also affect the square meter unit price, which is frequently encountered in real estate sales. Since real estate is one of the most reliable investment instruments of every period, these price changes in the market are followed by a wide audience. For this reason, it has become extremely important that especially real estate consultants gain competence in the subject and make correct pricing. In this article, we explained the questions about the square meter unit price that you need to learn to add a new experience to your expertise as a real estate consultant.

What is the Unit Square Meter Price?

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    The square meter unit price, one of the most important criteria in housing investment, is a concept that directly affects the cost of the building and the sales price. To explain in a nutshell, the square meter unit price is the cost value per square meter during the construction phase of the real estate. Since each building is different from the other in terms of expenses such as materials, fine work and workmanship, the prices calculated over square meters are useful for making a correct comparison. Real estate programs, which come into play at this stage, provide a clearer calculation of housing costs and are used to identify the most profitable investment opportunities for both buyers and contractors. For this reason, the unit square meter price is frequently used in real estate investment.

    How is the Unit Square Meter Price Calculated?

    The materials used in the construction cost, the expenses spent for the labour, and the services or goods received are calculated as a whole. Evaluation of this calculation regarding unit price allows for determining the expense spent per square meter. The houses built are evaluated over this unit price and put up for sale, which requires buyers to follow the developments in the square meter price closely.

    In addition to the physical expenses spent in the square meter unit price, there are also expenses belonging to public institutions and organizations. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization publishes general information about building cost prices, which is updated annually. According to this, Different costs are deducted for structures within the scope of reinforced concrete, steel, slums, and masonry. In addition, price distinctions for buildings such as schools, hospitals, residences or luxury residences are determined in detail. Other expenses added to these are as follows:

    Rough construction expenses (concrete formwork, brick, cement, iron)

    Roof construction and coating

    Interior and exterior plaster

    door window

    floor covering

    Wet floor

    Electric and plumbing

    heat installation

    iron works

    paint whitewash


    Importance of Square Meter Unit Price

    The square meter unit price is highly variable. It is calculated approximately so that both the investor and the construction company determine the most suitable prices for the sale of housing. Since the expenses in the building cost are closely related to the features of the building, it is extremely advantageous to use digital real estate software programs when calculating the square meter price. These programs, which are used for a clearer expense determination, also benefit you as a real estate agent in many ways.

    As a digital real estate consultant competent in current prices, you can increase the quality of your service. This way, you can make more accurate price calculations for your customers and identify the most advantageous real estate in your region. Thanks to Fizbot real estate CRM software, which reorganizes your work, you have one-click access to the most up-to-date information about regional price changes and current housing expenses. With automatic posting tracking and information tools, you will be informed about everything happening around you promptly to make the most of possible investment opportunities.

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