How to Make the Neighbourhood Better?

The neighbourhood is an important concept. Neighbourhood relations, which closely affect social life, have managed to come as a part of our culture from past to present. As stated in the proverb “Do not buy a house, buy a neighbour, “ healthy neighbourly relations are essential to having a happy and peaceful living space. The better and healthier the relationship between neighbours, the quality of life increases equally, and in the opposite case, the whole life is negatively affected. In this article, we have compiled what needs to be done to improve neighbourly relations, which directly impact buying and moving decisions.

What is Neighbourhood?

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    The neighbourhood is an indispensable part of daily life and affects social life in many ways. Neighbourhood relations, the subject of countless proverbs and idioms, are also significant when investing in real estate. Because the healthier and more robust the neighbourly relations are, the more enjoyment from life is. Finding peace in the living space is tough for people who cannot get along with their neighbours and are at odds. For this reason, relations with neighbours, who are sometimes much closer than family and relatives and constantly encountered in daily life, must be healthy.

    Neighbourhood, by definition, is a social relationship between people living adjacent to or near each other. This relationship brings along a set of mutual rights and rules. Besides legal rights and duties, good morals also apply in relations between neighbours. Many people who want to find peace in their living space and lead a happy life first examine the profile of the people living in the surrounding area when buying a house. Real estate programs that analyse regional data at this stage greatly benefit potential buyers.

    Fizbot, which reveals the historical development process, future potential and socio-economic situation of the region, is a software that improves the work quality of all real estate agents who want to be digital real estate consultants. Fizbot, which helps to analyse the region data in the best way thanks to its tools, helps to make the right decision about buying and renting a house.

    How Should Neighbourhood Relations Be?

    Neighbourhood relations are fundamental in our society and effective in developing neighbourhood culture and establishing healthy relations between individuals. Today, neighbourhood relations have noticeable differences when internal migration is high and the neighbourhoods have lost their texture. The deterioration of interpersonal relations has negatively affected home life, which should be the most peaceful area, and with this rapid change, unpleasant situations between neighbours have begun to emerge.

    However, for individuals in search of an ideal residence, keeping the relations between neighbours in balance may be possible by paying attention to specific issues:

    • Paying attention to the cleanliness of common areas

    • Not making noise

    • Greeting in daily life

    • Avoiding disrespectful behaviour

    • Asking if the new neighbour has a need

    • Inviting the newly moved neighbour for tea or coffee

    • Helping elderly, lonely neighbours with their daily needs

    • Not being able to shake table-like covers from balconies or windows.

    • Offering the overcooked food to the neighbour

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