How does Referral Marketing Turn Into Profit?

Based on the logic of converting people coming through references into new and permanent customers, “referral marketing” starts from the idea that people are social beings. The fact that people rely on recommendations even when they go to the market is the basis of this powerful marketing strategy. The situation in the real estate sector […]

Increase Your Reach with Real Estate Reels!

Real estate marketing today is not just about having a physical office or using real estate advertising platforms. On the contrary, it is integrated with new social media platforms and digital real estate agent tools. Although it is not necessary to use these tools, it is vital to grow your business and make a difference […]

Video Guide for Realtors

There is a new development in the real estate sector every day. Although this situation is exciting and innovative, it may not always be easy to adapt to these developments or to change your business plan accordingly. One of these innovations recently come to the fore on many advertising platforms is the video in posts. […]

How to Get a Real Estate License in Portugal?

The vast majority of homes for sale or rental in Portugal are found through real estate agents, and anyone working in the industry must have a real estate license. In Portugal, where real estate trade is a very important and profitable investment tool, every real estate consultant who is an expert in his field has […]

How Does Funnel Work in Real Estate?

Funnel, frequently used in digital marketing and a highly effective method to increase sales, is known for successfully delivering products and services to the right people. Funnel, one of the most basic mechanisms for real estate agents who continue their work in the digital field, helps you create a more planned and careful work order […]

Strategies for Beginner Realtors

Every industry is full of great struggles, especially for beginners, and the same is true for real estate. Real estate consultancy, one of the most popular professions due to its low capital and high earnings opportunity, is an area where competition is high. If you are a new entrant to the real estate market, a […]

How Should Real Estate Agent Profile Photos Be?

Today, many people who want to invest in real estate or rent a house apply online before making a physical real estate visit. While various real estate ad sharing sites are in the first place in this sense, when we look at the completed works, it is understood that those with a professional consultancy service […]

What is Proptech?

Real estate is the most important and most valuable asset class today. The real estate sector, which has survived to the present day because it is much less risky than other investment instruments, consists of different segments within itself. Combining the most basic needs of shelter with modern technologies, proptech is one of the newest […]

What is Reverse Mortgage?

The lending solutions in response to the increasing housing need in recent years have also diversified. Developed as an alternative to mortgages and housing loans, the reverse mortgage has come to the fore as a system that is frequently mentioned. Ongoing urban transformation efforts and offers in the banking sector have made the reverse mortgage […]