How to Get a Real Estate License in Portugal?

The vast majority of homes for sale or rental in Portugal are found through real estate agents, and anyone working in the industry must have a real estate license. In Portugal, where real estate trade is a very important and profitable investment tool, every real estate consultant who is an expert in his field has obligations to complete in order to provide this service. The real estate license, which is one of them, is a compulsory license that customers demand from consultants and that must be included in office advertisements. So, what should consultants who want to carry out their work in Portugal do to have a real estate license?

How Does the Property Show Process Work in Portugal?

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    Real estate buying, selling and leasing processes in Portugal differ in many respects compared to Turkey. The country’s own obligations and legal processes aim to protect all parties involved in the real estate trade. For this reason, it is extremely important for everyone who wants to serve in the sector to be informed about the necessary obligations and to benefit from modern real estate consultant software tools.

    Portugal real estate agents aim to find real estate that meets these needs by listening to customer needs. The high-end real estate programs used at this time are very effective in providing a successful service as they ensure that the most ideal advertisements in the surrounding are listed as soon as possible. Real estate software Fizbot, the pioneer of its field, also provides access to more than 3 million historical records and more than 8 million price change information, allowing consultants to find the most suitable properties for potential buyers. The next step is the property visit, but in Portugal many estate agents have the client sign documents before showing any property. This document guarantees that even if the other party does not buy or rent the property shown, they will pay a commission for the service rendered. That is, this way the consultants make sure that they get paid for the service they provide.

    In Portugal, the consulting commission fee is between 3% and 6% and is determined by the agency. Some small offices do not require commission payment before visiting the property, but large firms often use this method. The payment made is provided by the buyer, in addition, no other fee is charged for the service.

    How to Get a Real Estate License in Portugal?

    Anyone wishing to provide legal advice in Portugal must obtain a real estate license. This license, which is a number granted to registered real estate companies, is used for the purpose of mediating and trading in housing. In order to obtain the license, you will first be required to pass an exam in Portuguese, which includes questions about the real estate industry. At this stage, businesses that provide information on many subjects such as the functioning of the real estate trade in Portugal, obligations and methods provide training to the participants. Successful passing of the exam at the end of the course is sufficient to obtain a real estate license and officially start serving in the sector.

    However, while obtaining a Portuguese real estate license is easy, it takes years of work to make it sustainable and become a successful name in the industry. As a matter of fact, since the real estate sector is undergoing a rapid transformation and Portugal is one of the countries where this transformation is occurring most rapidly, it is extremely important to be familiar with modern techniques and digital real estate agent tools. It is not impossible to achieve a rapid rise in the Portuguese real estate market for consultants who constantly update themselves and add new generation techniques to their business plans, but many years of development work are required to maintain this success.

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