What is Proptech?

Real estate is the most important and most valuable asset class today. The real estate sector, which has survived to the present day because it is much less risky than other investment instruments, consists of different segments within itself. Combining the most basic needs of shelter with modern technologies, proptech is one of the newest innovations in this field. Aiming at a maximum profit by minimizing sector risks, proptech aims to transform real estate field works to adapt them to the future.

Proptech in real estate

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    Proptech; It is a new generation concept consisting of the combination of the English words “Property” and “Technology” and is translated into Turkish as “real estate technologies”. Proptech, which helps individuals and companies to manage different processes such as real estate research, purchase, rental and sale based on information technologies, uses digital innovation to meet industry needs. This way, it aims to provide maximum efficiency to all real estates actors, such as buyers, sellers, brokers and consultants, and facilitates all processes in the real estate trade.

    Proptech solutions, also known as digital real estate agent software, are among today’s most popular real estate tools. With proptech, which includes many different processes from funding new real estate projects to the virtual circulation of existing properties, the service quality in the real estate sector is increased.

    How is Proptech Used in Real Estate?

    Since it has become inevitable for the real estate sector to be a part of this change in the constantly changing and transforming information age, the method that stands out as the best solution to the needs is the proptech trend. Proptech applications, also known as open to development and new generation real estate programs, are involved in the real estate sector from different branches.

    Smart House

    Due to the increase in population worldwide, the demand for housing today is much higher than in the past. Unlike the old ones, modern houses focus on facilitating the individual’s life while keeping an eye on environmental data. In this way, it creates energy-efficient and maximum beneficial spaces. Smart homes that are remotely managed, operated and controlled using technologies such as artificial intelligence are rapidly growing among proptech developments. Many stages are included in the intelligent home system, such as light bulbs controlled by a digital assistant and one-click and remotely managed cleaning steps.

    Renewed intelligent home solutions are among the future-oriented investments of many people. Fizbot real estate CRM software, which helps you predict future potentials, allows you to identify highly profitable real estate projects by taking action in the early period.

    Real Estate Sharing

    Promotion is one of the constant tools of the real estate sector. Today, advertisements shared on real estate portfolio pages allow to reach many people simultaneously but do not offer a result-oriented solution. Fizbot, a proptech-focused real estate software, saves you time by allowing you to manage ads on all platforms with a single click. It also collects data about environmental advertisements, presents comparative tables and sends informational messages regarding the price history of similar advertisements. In this way, it allows you to be aware of the developments around you and speeds up the whole process with its automatic matches.


    Combining finance and technology, proptech studies offer the opportunity to develop real estate purchasing practices using accurate housing valuations. This application, which determines the possible profit rate with the different calculation tools, also simplifies the document preparation process by transferring the whole process to the digital environment.

    To summarize, proptech enables you to minimize risks by providing a data-based service in the real estate sector. It helps you to be a fast, economic and effective consultant by using digital tools with maximum efficiency.

    With Fizbot, the real estate agent software, you can access millions of data simultaneously; by saving time, you can instantly become an expert in property management. If you want to get detailed information about Fizbot and start your digital consultancy adventure immediately, you can contact us here!

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