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Real estate marketing today is not just about having a physical office or using real estate advertising platforms. On the contrary, it is integrated with new social media platforms and digital real estate agent tools. Although it is not necessary to use these tools, it is vital to grow your business and make a difference in your field. So, how can you adapt Instagram, which is preferred by real estate consultants, to your business now that everyone is more present in the digital world and all sectors are shifting to online channels?

Use of Instagram in the Real Estate Industry

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    Instagram, which has billions of users worldwide and increases its interaction rates with tools such as reels, stories and tags, is also essential in the real estate market as it is in every sector. Therefore, the way to become a successful real estate agent who carries his business to the future is to know this powerful platform in detail and to use it accordingly. In other words, to stand out in the industry and stand out from your competitors, you must exist on Instagram like everyone else, and more importantly, you must learn how to manage your business profile.

    If used correctly, Instagram will allow more people to discover you and what you do, which means you can succeed in digital marketing. As it is now known, most customers who want to buy, sell or rent real estate search through digital channels before consulting a real estate office. Although this search is not limited to advertisement platforms, it generally covers social media applications such as Instagram, and criteria such as comments from previous customers, quality of shared photos or how active the profile is are important as finishing criteria. Therefore, to serve following the times, it is necessary to use the tools to deliver online messages to more people, together with the classic real estate programs.

    Instagram Reels and Usage in Real Estate Industry

    Instagram is now one of the first platforms that come to mind regarding real estate marketing. The main reasons are that it allows real estate offices to find new users and offers the best results to real estate seekers. By creating a business profile on Instagram, you have the chance to make the best portfolio announcements and business advertisements. Unlike the classic story and post logic, the reels feature allows you to shoot long videos and lets customers get detailed information about the service you provide. It also allows you to be discovered by new customers with tag logic and helps you expand your network.

    Other issues to consider when using such features can be summarized as follows:

    • Making clean, meaningful and consistent posts
    • Presenting information that is of interest to customers
    • Paying attention to the photo and video quality, avoiding out-of-focus or distorted images
    • Make sure that the shared photos and videos reflect the truth
    • Not to provide false information about a service or real estate that is not provided.
    • Keeping the profile updated by making regular posts

    With all this, it is not enough for a real estate agent to use social media tools to carry himself into the future. Because, no matter how much your competence in social media is if you can’t follow the developments around you and match the right customers with the right real estate, this competence means nothing. Therefore, for our carefully prepared videos to bring you success, you must first become familiar with real estate agent software tools. Fizbot, a real estate software that makes a difference in its field, becomes a powerful advertising and analysis tool when combined with social media platforms.

    You can log in to the Fizbot real estate CRM platform, which accelerates your business by working in the background for you!

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