What is Reverse Mortgage?

The lending solutions in response to the increasing housing need in recent years have also diversified. Developed as an alternative to mortgages and housing loans, the reverse mortgage has come to the fore as a system that is frequently mentioned. Ongoing urban transformation efforts and offers in the banking sector have made the reverse mortgage system, a type of loan based in the USA, more preferred.

How does the Reverse Mortgage System work?

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    A reverse mortgage is an American-based loan type, but nowadays, it is widely used in our country to increase social welfare and improve individual living spaces. This type of loan, translated into Turkish as “reverse mortgage”, aims to increase the quality of life of the elderly and individuals who have no one to look after, thanks to government incentives.

    A reverse mortgage, which individuals can apply over the age of 60, is a type of loan in which the homeowner receives money from the bank for the property’s value. In this system, the landlord gives his house to the bank for money but guarantees that he will stay in the house until he dies. Then the bank attaches the monthly salary to the owner against the house’s value and allocates the remainder after the house is sold. Thus, the owner meets his living needs and lives in his house without paying the bank until he dies.

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    What are the Advantages of Reverse Mortgage?

    Developed especially for people over a certain age to better cope with the health problems and extra expenses they face in their old age, a reverse mortgage is an ideal type of loan for individuals who have their own house but do not have a salary to cover their living expenses. Individual income, which decreases due to the health problems that increase with age and the inability to work, will be covered in the best way with this loan.

    An excellent solution for retired self-employed people who don’t have enough income to live on, reverse mortgages allow individuals to cash out their homes. This way, elderly homeowners with no one to look after can spend their old age comfortably without considering material costs.

    A reverse mortgage, which differs from the classical housing loan in many ways, has the following differences:

    A reverse mortgage is a loan with many flexible payment options.

    In a home loan, the owner makes monthly payments, while in a reverse mortgage system, the owner is paid.

    With a reverse mortgage, the owner’s rights and responsibilities on the property continue.

    The extent to which this system will be used varies according to the applicant’s age, the value of the house he owns and the interest rates. Individuals who are older and own valuable homes get much more cash.

    After getting a loan, the landlord cannot rent out even a part of the immovable and cannot demand a new loan in return for the housing.

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