How Should Real Estate Agent Profile Photos Be?

Today, many people who want to invest in real estate or rent a house apply online before making a physical real estate visit. While various real estate ad sharing sites are in the first place in this sense, when we look at the completed works, it is understood that those with a professional consultancy service account are also frequently preferred. In this case, it becomes an inevitable requirement for employees to pay attention to online visibility, especially as professional real estate agents.

What Should Real Estate Agents Pay Attention To While Creating An Internet Profile?

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    It is a known fact that the internet has been used more widely in all areas of life in recent years than before. This has undoubtedly transformed the real estate industry to a great extent. Most those who intend to buy or rent a house do not make investment decisions without preliminary internet research. On the other hand, a particular segment evaluates the current advertisement’s presence before seeing the immovables on site. At this stage, the account’s profile photo and other details gain significant importance. Naturally, due to this need for digital real estate consulting services, real estate employees need to update their internet accounts in line with demand.

    • Having a profile that gets a lot of interaction is essential for real estate consultants because a correctly constructed profile increases customer satisfaction with the profit rate obtained from the service. The following points should be considered for a robust and reliable profile.
    • Especially in the digital world, the first impression is significant, so the photos in the created profile should be chosen from quality photos that reflect the truth.
    • The power of social media in real estate sales is undeniable, so special shares should be made for the preferred application. For example, Stories can be shared on Instagram, promotional posts on Facebook and brief information on Twitter.
    • The prepared profile must have a professional profile photo; the company details must be presented together with information such as full address and telephone. A profile with complete profile information proves reliability.
    • Shared real estate photos must reflect the truth and be taken with the right light and shade settings. In some cases, videos and 3D photos that increase customer interaction should also be used.
    • Keeping profiles active is vital; communicating quickly with customers and answering questions promptly is vital. Real estate programs that make regional analyzes should be preferred to answer customer questions correctly.

    Does Using the Right Photo Affect the Service Process?

    The use of social media in the digital consultancy process is essential and is vital for reaching more people. The first impression is the most critical issue for increasing online visibility. For this reason, profile photos taken in the right light and professionally attract more attention from customers. Information such as contact numbers and map location need to be shared to give confidence to the other party. Thanks to a profile in which you share the details of your work and the right size and high-resolution profile photos, you will leave a positive impression on the people you have just met and convince them to do business with you more easily.

    In the meantime, speed and timely intervention are also very important in your moves, as a late investment move may result in loss. For this reason, every consultant must use real estate software that helps provide accurate customer information by conducting an environmental analysis. Fizbot, one of the leading real estate CRM software in its field, saves time while helping to follow the advertisements in more than one account with a single click. It also allows you to set search filters in line with customer criteria and performs automatic posting analysis by working in the background. This allows you to match suitable homes with the right buyers.

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