How Does Funnel Work in Real Estate?

Funnel, frequently used in digital marketing and a highly effective method to increase sales, is known for successfully delivering products and services to the right people. Funnel, one of the most basic mechanisms for real estate agents who continue their work in the digital field, helps you create a more planned and careful work order by consisting of different stages. So, how can funnel, one of the indispensable systems of the marketing field, be adapted to the real estate sector?

What is Funnel? What Does It Do?

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    Funnel is a system that has been used as a marketing funnel or funnel for many years. The working mechanism in this system takes its name from the physical structure of the funnel object. With a wide top and narrow bottom, the funnel defines the number of potential customers you have in digital marketing to 2 or 3 when buying a business. In traditional marketing, it is impossible to get back to non-purchasing customers and ask why they are not interested. In the funnel system, customer communication is effectively provided with the help of digital resources. Therefore, real estate marketing through online channels can give much better results with the help of the funnel system.

    The real estate programs you use to reconnect with your potential customers increase the effectiveness of the funnel system. For example, Finding immovables that meet the needs of people you have interviewed but were unsuccessful in finalizing the transactions is only possible with real estate software that offers advanced posting tools. Fizbot, which stands out as a pioneering software in its field, performs in harmony with the funnel working system and helps to increase your success coefficient.

    What are the Funnel Stages in Real Estate?

    The marketing funnel is essential for the real estate services you offer to connect with customers, and it takes place in multiple stages in itself. You can adapt the marketing funnel, which helps you establish viability while eliminating market risks, to real estate trade with four basic steps.

    • Making difference

    The first stage of the funnel, which proceeds in different stages from marketing to purchasing, is to inform customers about the current service. You need to advertise your business on issues such as your achievements in the real estate field, customer-oriented solutions and service details. In particular, social media and online advertisements effectively reach more people for your business.

    • Generating Interest

    The advertisements on digital platforms must be exciting and leave a positive impression on the person. For this, in the second stage, when potential customers come to your page through advertisements, you need to offer them an exciting and professional account with detailed service information. At this stage, many issues such as the profile photo used, how up-to-date the profile is, and the quality of the shares come into play. Generally, a profile that describes how you work and what you offer attracts people.

    • Evaluation

    Evaluation is the most crucial step in building brand credibility and works like a kind of feedback. The comments made by customers who receive service from you and are satisfied with this service effectively gain new customers. Sharing content that increases customer interaction, especially on online platforms, and asking them for their opinions allows you to be followed by more people and increases the scope of service.

    • Buy

    The last stage in the sales funnel is the purchasing part. Until this stage, you should have clearly understood the customer requests and found the immovables that best respond to them. It is also vital that you are informed about all the formalities brought by the process and that you present information within predictable data. With Fizbot real estate agent software, you can gain tremendous speed, especially in the data collection and comparison stages, and you can spare time to work on the rest of the funnel system.

    While working with the sales funnel, it is of great importance that you have a good command of multiple channels and that you actively use the relevant real estate CRM software. Fizbot offers unmissable opportunities to grow your business; With its high-level tracking, analysis, and valuation tools ensure that all customers you reach benefit from the service you offer. In this way, the funnel system you apply to increase the sales rate results clearly and leads your business to success.

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