What is new in Fizbot: 2023 August Version

At Fizbot, we aim to increase efficiency with a greater focus on usability, sustainability and controllability. This month, we are proud to introduce new features designed to help offices manage time and focus on their more important work, even in a busy industry. What’s New? WhatsApp Business Integration and Synchronized Lead Messages Between Office and […]

What are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Real Estate Offices?

As in every business, following basic performance data is the key to sustainable success in the real estate sector. These data, called KPIs for short, and showing how business efficiency is doing, maybe the key point you need to understand exactly where you went wrong. In this guide, the most important metrics you need to […]

Role of Apple Vision Pro in the Real Estate Industry

It is clear to what extent virtual reality technology affects all areas, especially the real estate sector. As a result of the ever-developing and widespread use of technology, many of the actions that were previously done manually can now be performed both with a minimum margin of error and in a much shorter time. Apple […]

What are Buyer and Seller Negotiation Methods in Real Estate Sector?

For many real estate agents, their successful negotiation methods are the most effective way to prove the difference in their field. Even in situations where there is always conflict and communication between the parties is insufficient, you, too, can achieve success by learning some basic strategies. Here are the most important tactics you need to […]

How Should Offer Management be Done?

Executing an effective strategy in offer management, which is of particular importance for professionals, investors and property owners in the sector, is to make good use of the opportunities in the market. A successful offer management system in real estate buying and selling leads to a happier customer base and higher earnings. So, how should […]

What is a Seller Lead and Why Is It Important?

The most effective way for real estate agents to earn income in the real estate sector is to follow the leads and turn them into action. Leads are divided into buyers and sellers. A Buyer Lead is someone who comes to a real estate agent or office to buy or rent a property, while a […]

Developing Sales Processes and Team Management by Using Technology

The real estate industry has changed drastically in recent years. Due to the importance of reliability, flexibility, versatility, and efficiency throughout the industry, it has become imperative for real estate professionals to use technological tools for management. This is where software that provides efficient communication to consultants and team managers with collaboration started to come […]

Networking and Partnership Strategies for Realtors: The Art of Creating New Business Opportunities

Whether you are a successful real estate agent with long experience or a new professional consultant, you must expand your existing network under all circumstances. Talking business by meeting new faces allows you to create new customer opportunities and increases your knowledge. As a result, although it is possible to develop communication techniques and professional […]

How Should You Manage the Sales Process?

As easy as it may seem, preparing a listing for real estate sales is a challenging process that requires thought and some preliminary work. High sales potential means paying attention to many different parameters simultaneously and having advanced management skills, starting from this step. In cases where you don’t have control over the whole process, […]

How Realtors Maximize Opportunities with Effective Customer Relationship Management

One of the most important issues in the real estate sector is establishing a trust relationship between you and your customers. Because if you have an environment that trusts you, you will sell portfolio ads and get a dynamic reference source. This defines sustainability for your business management. Reaching a reliable customer base depends on […]