How Should Offer Management be Done?

Executing an effective strategy in offer management, which is of particular importance for professionals, investors and property owners in the sector, is to make good use of the opportunities in the market. A successful offer management system in real estate buying and selling leads to a happier customer base and higher earnings. So, how should real estate consultants act, and which important tools should they use for a fast payment-guaranteed sales process?

What is a Real Estate Offer?

Offering real estate for sale is advantageous in many ways and proves the seriousness of the party willing to buy. A seller whose property is for sale will not miss serious opportunities thanks to the offering system and will sell his property at the best price. When this offering system, established directly between the buyer and the seller, is not managed by professionals, some errors, deficiencies, or lengthy procedures may occur.

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    For real estate consultants, the easiest way of offering management is to follow the buyer-seller leads in the market. However, the success of this system depends on meticulous work and specialization in areas such as regional analysis, property valuation, and preparation of a proposal letter. Unfortunately, it is impossible to follow such actions with traditional methods in today’s increasingly accelerating internet environment; on the contrary, it risks slowing things down.

    Helping to gain regional expertise with its rich database and analysis, Fizbot digital real estate consultant helps you not to miss any offers and offers the best offers in sales. It enables you to do this through its lead management system as follows:

    • Leads in the market are accumulated by sorting them in the lead management module.
    • It is determined which lead will be assigned to which specialist, thus eliminating potential business confusion.
    • The first contact with lead is made, for which cold calling can be used.
    • Motivation is measured according to the demand from the other party, and it is determined whether the lead is worth following.
    • Ideal candidates are given a meeting day, and job details are drawn up by analyzing their needs.
    • Alternative property searches are made for acquisition, and VR or physical site displays are planned.
    • For the most suitable property, the offer stage is started, and the response from the seller is awaited.

    This system helps you instantly realize new potentials in your field and add them to your portfolio by taking quick action. Thus, reaching more people can expand your referral network and increase your service quality. But you also need to understand how you need to offer for the offering phase to succeed.

    Things to Consider When Offering for Sale

    To close the sales process quickly and end with maximum profit, you must know what parts of an ideal offer consist of:

    • Each offer starts with a short explanation and aims to attract the other party’s attention by explaining the purpose of the offer.
    • The following summary section gives an overview of the nature of the entire proposal and highlights the most critical issues.
    • Market analysis gives information about the real estate market in the region. It is essential to use advanced tools that research the local market before this stage because this is how the data presented can be verified.
    • The potential for the future and the use of the property are topics that can be mentioned when necessary. This increases the likelihood of the offer being accepted.
    • The final offer is submitted using the property pricing and payment schedule.
    • In the final stage, a closing action is added, and the general nature of the proposal is evaluated.

    Sales quotes enable you to capture leads at the best level and zero the margin of error in the process. Using Fizbot’s digital tools allows you to add high speed and efficiency to your business from the first step of the lead stages. At the same time, you can reduce the extra workload and offer personalized service by taking advantage of automatic templates at the offering stage.

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