Importance of a Sales Management Tool in Real Estate Office Management

One of the biggest problems in the market for real estate professionals is finding new leads. This situation poses a risk, especially for new professionals, as it causes customers with high trading potential in the competitive real estate market to work only with certain experts. In addition to the inability to reach new customer candidates, the unsustainability of the demands also poses a significant obstacle to business continuity. For this reason, it is almost imperative for every experienced or novice real estate professional to find more modern ways to gain efficiency in office management and switch to innovative systems such as Fizbot Sales Navigator.

Why Should You Use Fizbot Sales Navigator?

The way to survive in the real estate sector, which is more competitive and ruthless than in the past, is to follow new technologies closely and maximize work efficiency. Fizbot Sales Navigator enables you to transfer all business processes to a single centre without getting lost among multiple applications and tools; While increasing team cooperation, it gives your office unlimited authority in performance monitoring and management stages. This effective software supported by artificial intelligence, specially developed for real estate professionals, also comes into play as one of the best solutions in business processes such as:

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    1.    Single Platform

    There are numerous social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, where real estate agents can make their promotions. Although the use of such platforms is sometimes necessary to reach wider customer bases, social media is generally preferred for watching entertaining content. Therefore, it is not always easy to reach serious buyers and potential customers through such channels, and controlling different platforms can lead to business confusion after a while. Fizbot, which stands out as a single and central platform, eliminates issues because it appeals exclusively to real estate professionals and combines opportunities in an easy-to-follow interface.

    2.    Smart Sales Pipeline

    While reaching new demands in the market, i.e. customers is vital; unfortunately, it is not the only important step. On the contrary, many steps must likewise be controlled to conclude the reached request successfully. The sales pipeline, which stands out as an intelligent tool for accessing new leads to the final offer stage, helps follow the process closely and convert the leads to the office into permanent customers.

    3.    Lead Tracking

    Finding the ideal counter-advertisement or calculating surcharges when converting new deals can sometimes be a stumbling block that reduces net office profit. The features of Sales Navigator, such as automatic buyer-seller matching and instant commission calculation, help remove the barriers in property trading and find the jobs that suit you best. It also uses real-time data to view the lead history you’ve completed to date and monitor sales activity, thus increasing customer conversion rates by preventing repeating old mistakes. This increases the overall efficiency.

    4.    Team Communication

    Collaboration among team members is one of the most challenging problems, especially for large real estate offices. Failure to establish a regular system can cause more than one consultant to be assigned to the same post or to miss some important business steps, which can seriously reduce the brand value. Fizbot Sales Navigator, on the other hand, is an intelligent system where team leaders can assign jobs to different consultants, send notifications about meetings and important events, and provide joint file sharing and access. Therefore, it is especially effective in eliminating the confusion caused by communication deficiencies and increasing team and office efficiency. It also helps each team member reach their potential by closely monitoring the consultant’s performance.

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