What is new in Fizbot: 2023 August Version

At Fizbot, we aim to increase efficiency with a greater focus on usability, sustainability and controllability. This month, we are proud to introduce new features designed to help offices manage time and focus on their more important work, even in a busy industry.

What’s New?

  • WhatsApp Business Integration
  • Updated Design for Effortless Operation
  • Contacts Page on Fizbot Web: Easily Manage Your Contacts and Leads
  • Improve Your Real Estate Office Management
  • Manage Commission Rates for Your Office
  • Personalized Data-Driven Lead Notifications

WhatsApp Business Integration and Synchronized Lead Messages Between Office and Consultants

Fizbot Sales Navigator now has a seamless integration with WhatsApp Business. Instantly share any generated buyer or seller request with your consultants directly on WhatsApp, speeding up your customer response time and generating more revenue in your office.

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    How does it work?

    A buyer or seller lead created from the web is assigned to an consultant. Fizbot sends a notification to the relevant consultant via Fizbot app and WhatsApp. We also enhance the communication between the office and consultants with a live chat feature that seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp Business. With live chat, agents can quickly respond to WhatsApp Business messages sent by the office and the office can easily reply in the same chat.

    How can your office use it?

    If you would like to take advantage of automated WhatsApp messages, you can contact your authorized sales representative or email our support team at [email protected] for more detailed information.

    Updated Design for Effortless Use

    We aim to improve the usability of Fizbot Web with every update. To achieve this, we conducted an in-depth study on user behavior and analyzed the most frequently visited and used pages. Based on this data-driven approach, we effectively simplified and reorganized the left side menu, thus providing a more user-friendly experience.

    In our field research, we noticed that Contacts, Favorites, and Portfolio pages were the most used and the most searched pages. These were previously under the Profile section. So we decided to move them to the left navigation menu for easy access. We also heard feature suggestions from some Fizbot users that they couldn’t easily access all reports. Therefore, we consolidated all reports available on Fizbot into a single page and called it Reports. From now on, you can access all leads, listings and agent performance reports from a single section. 

    Contacts Page on Fizbot Web: Manage Your Contacts and Leads Easily

    We are excited to announce that Fizbot’s Contacts Page is now available on our web platform! Following the success of our mobile app, consultants can now seamlessly access contact information and related leads directly from Fizbot Web. With the new Contacts page, agents have the ability to easily view and search buyer and seller contact information, while also accessing the leads associated with each contact. This feature provides a seamless transition from mobile to web, allowing agents to effectively manage their client relationships and lead interactions in one place. We also added a new page, the Office Management Page, and revised the Contacts page.
    As we release new updates, agents will be able to get the seamless experience offered by our mobile app, such as effectively managing leads and tracking their progress.

    We are committed to continuously improving the usability of Fizbot Web with every update using a combination of technical advancements and user-centered design. Our process requires rigorous analysis of user behavior and allows us to identify vital pages.

    Improve Your Real Estate Office Management

    Introducing the first part of our Office Management page. With this update, real estate offices gain the ability to view consultants in their office, view notifications and check activation status. However, we understand the importance of comprehensive agents monitoring, so we are planning more exciting updates, including the ability to add or remove agents from your office.

    Manage Commission Rates for Buyers and Sellers for Your Office

    We know that standard rules don’t suit every real estate office. With this exciting update, we’re empowering offices to make their own decisions by giving them the ability to customize their day-to-day operations. You can now adjust the commission rates on your buyer and seller transactions, creating a more personalized experience. Simply send an email to [email protected] to apply your preferred commission rates.

    Personalized Data Driven Lead Notifications

    As we provide offices with more control and monitoring capabilities, it becomes critical to incentivize agents to effectively engage with office-assigned leads. With this update, we are restructuring our notifications to provide agents with rewarding insights into their responsiveness and task completion on office leads. Consultants will now receive informative messages showing the number of assigned seller leads and the potential commission they can earn by quickly taking the necessary actions. This means useful, active engagement for both agents and the office.

    We’re Working for More

    As Fizbot, while making our product updates and designing new features, we carefully analyze your suggestions, requests and complaints and try to incorporate them into our product. Any feedback from you is very valuable to us. That’s why we are waiting for your suggestions to make Fizbot better! You can always send an e-mail to [email protected] to send us your comments and suggestions directly.

    Keep following us and our updates for better decisions and faster processes. Click here to manage your office better, and click here to get detailed information to multiply your income as an agent!

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