Benefits of AI Technologies to Real Estate

Technologies that have been constantly changing and developing since the beginning of the industrial revolution around the world have advanced in recent years. While professions and job descriptions need to be reinterpreted in the current situation, unfortunately, sectors that cannot keep up with the times face the danger of extinction. The situation is no different in the real estate sector, which stands out as one of the basic needs, but it is also extremely important for real estate agencies to learn what these technologies do and see the general picture before adapting new generation artificial intelligence technologies to their business. In this article, we exemplify what artificial intelligence brings to real estate.

  • Lead Generation

One of the biggest challenges in the real estate industry is converting leads. It often takes hours, sometimes days, to generate new leads. Ai technologies, the use of which has increased recently; It collects data on various website visits, landing pages and digital advertisements to identify potential people. Artificial intelligence-driven real estate CRM portals come into play in determining the ideal property type, as well as finding customers who need instant properties.

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    • Digital marketing

    Today’s real estate agents have become more important to digital visibility in addition to their physical job descriptions. Therefore, modern real estate agents need to benefit from digital marketing tools in addition to traditional techniques, and to communicate with customers by using chatbots at necessary points. AI-powered real estate programs, which are used to deliver customized content to customers, also help provide quick answers to typical customer questions with tools such as automated chat completion and increased engagement. Designing creative property ads on social media platforms, these software track clicks and views, combine them with real-time performance data, and additionally send verifiable feedback to identify areas with high potential.

    • Property Management

    One of the most important advantages of artificial intelligence, especially for real estate agents, is that it facilitates real estate management with digital archive, document editing and tracking tools. Many of the AI-supported assistants increase the communication between the host and the consultant, while contributing to automatic document tracking. Thus, official transactions such as insurance, tax and loan payments and title deed transfer can be completed faster; real estate agents can check and edit these documents, which they access through the digital archive, in a short time. This means reducing the physical warehouse volume and cutting costs such as paper and ink.

    • Territory Analysis and Property Valuation

    Region analysis, one of the most common uses of AI technologies, has changed the real estate industry on its own. Real estate software tools, which take into account customer needs with on-site detection and verifiable data, serve to measure the potential of the region by examining numerous factors. These technologies, which help real estate agents to obtain detailed information by following many criteria such as crime rate, demographic structure, opportunities and planned projects in the region, also facilitate the ideal property pricing and are effective in gaining expertise for the consultant.

    • Property Search

    Behind many real estate listing and search applications, there are artificial intelligence technologies that send personalized recommendations using advanced filters. While these technologies make searches faster and more efficient, they also make it easier for the caller to find advertisements that may be of interest to them. Software that offers the best available options by evaluating property preferences is actively used by many classifieds sites and real estate agents today; in this way, it is effective in delivering ideal advertisements to potential customers in a shorter time.

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