What are the Reasons for Not Being Able to Sell Your Portfolio?

Many developments in the real estate industry closely affect home prices and portfolio opportunities for consultants.  The low demand in the sector and low purchasing power are generally the most important reasons why the current ads cannot be sold.  However, sometimes individual mistakes such as not taking proper photos, not sharing enough descriptive ads, and keeping the price valuation high can cause portfolio ads not to be sold.  So, what are the most common mistakes in real estate sales for real estate consultants and what can be done to increase sales?

 Common Mistakes in Selling Real Estate

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     No matter how low the demand in the real estate sector;  It is an area where sales do not stop and people are in demand for both investment and use.  However, real estate sales may slow down from time to time depending on various market variables and global factors.  However, the reasons behind the failure to sell portfolio ads are usually due to individual mistakes.

     Incorrect Use of Photographs

    Today, most of the real estate sales are primarily made through digital channels, so real estate professionals need to share portfolio announcements in the most accurate way.  The most attractive aspect of an ad is its cover photo;  In addition, the quality, angle and light of the other photos in the ad also help to leave an effective impression on the buyers.  One of the most common mistakes that cause portfolio ads to fail to sell for a long time is the use of incorrect and poor quality photos.  For this reason, consultants should use advertisement photos taken with the right equipment and showing the properties of the real estate in the best way.

     Missing Ad Sharing

    Another common mistake is that the shared ad is missing or not updated.  For example;  The fact that the details about the real estate and the factors that inform the buyer are not included in the explanation part may cause that advertisement not to be sold.  In addition, prices in the real estate sector are affected by global developments and general market conditions.  That’s why it’s important to regularly update old postings.  At this stage, consultants who want to accelerate sales and adapt to renewed conditions should use real estate programs to closely follow price changes and buyer trends in the market.

     Incorrect Price Valuation

    The higher-than-market value of the property is usually due to the lack of valuation by the consultants or the high demands of the owner.  In particular, the property owner’s desire to market the advertisement at the wrong price in order to generate more income may cause such properties in the portfolio to wait for a long time and reduce the overall success rate of the consultants.  In this case, a real estate consultant software that prepares regional price change reports by following the market conditions should be used.  In addition, the property owner should be informed about the subject and the price valuation should be done by the consultant.  By producing solutions that meet the expectations of both the buyer and the seller, advertisements offered for sale at the right price at the right time are in high demand.

    Besides all these;  Factors such as whether the relevant real estate is suitable for credit use, its sale at the wrong time and its sharing independent of market analysis also affect sales negatively.  For this reason, it is important for real estate consultants to use real estate CRM applications that facilitate portfolio management and to meet market needs in a timely manner.  Fizbot, which monitors the global and local real estate sector 24/7 and offers easy-to-analyze analysis, acts as a strategic real estate software and helps portfolio ads find buyers as soon as possible.  Providing access to millions of data with a single click, Fizbot is also ideal for improving presentation and marketing competencies.

    You can increase your earnings with the Fizbot digital real estate agent, which ensures that the real estates that have been waiting in the portfolio for a long time meet with the most ideal buyers. You can contact us here for detailed information about this effective and efficient new generation software.

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