Future Technologies for Realtors

The real estate sector is being updated every day by turning into an ecosystem where technology is used more and more. In this transformative sector, which is advancing with digital innovation, future-oriented adaptations are required in order to follow new trends and produce solutions for modern needs and exist in the competitive market. Fintech solutions are at the forefront of technologies that are expected to radically change the real estate industry in the future, and it is recommended that consultants be informed about these developments already. Here are 5 important technologies that will affect the real estate market!

Artificial Intelligence

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    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping many industries, not just real estate. Artificial intelligence-based programs, which closely follow current developments, identify sectoral needs and accelerate the work of real estate consultants, are becoming more common day by day. The effectiveness of real estate CRM-like applications is increasing in subjects such as document scanning, providing financial audits and making necessary inspections. It is estimated that artificial intelligence-based technologies, which are now spread over a wide area from sending automatic messages and e-mails to sending announcement alerts, will be used more frequently in order to predict market trends and make consistent forecasts in the future.

    Virtual and Augmented Reality

    The necessity of seeing a physical place in the real estate industry has not been preferred as a priority method for a long time, on the contrary, 360-degree photo and video applications are effective in the final decisions. Such applications, which save both time and money for consultants and clients, are expected to expand their sphere of influence in the future. Especially with the increase in the use of virtual glasses and 3D modelling programs, it is predicted that property rental and sales transactions will be carried out entirely through virtual environments.

    Drone Usage Areas

    Today, drones are frequently preferred for preparing housing and land videos, but it is thought that this technology will shape the sector together with various real estate programs in the future. Drones can be used as the most effective tool in determining new construction areas and investment potentials in the future, especially for taking detailed shots in areas that are difficult to reach and indoors.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Internet of Things and 5G studies are technologies that have not yet been seen but have the power to change the world to a great extent. It is known that these technologies, which are expected to be included in all areas of life, will shorten the time to produce solutions by making the structures and work areas of the future smarter. This technology covers a wide area from smart lighting, heating, cooling and security systems to information transfer; is predicted that it will be combined with efficient real estate software tools. In this way, it is possible that many innovations that improve the real estate sector, such as controlling operating costs, meeting property maintenance and repair demands, and monitoring employee performance, will come into play.

    New Real Estate Platforms

    Real estate ad-sharing sites and real estate management platforms used today have to be updated to be preferred in the same event in the future. Because many of these platforms use legacy systems and do not offer sufficient tools for both clients and consultants. It is expected that such platforms will be replaced by platforms with more technological infrastructure and using detailed filtering, analysis and tracking tools in the future. As such, it may be possible to improve tools such as posting, file management, instant data tracking and chat, and shorten the process of finding a property.

    The changing trends in the real estate industry require consultants to follow the updates. In this sense, Fizbot real estate consultant software tools, which help to make quick market analyses, come into play and maximize business efficiency. Fizbot, which provides detailed reports by examining regional data and makes customer-advertising matches, also provides the advantage of identifying future investment potentials.

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