How to Write a Good Property Description

If you are a real estate agent, you also need to be a great marketer. There is nothing like using online advertising tools to impress potential buyers and attract the attention of the other party. While some properties sell themselves, it is often more effective to write a successful description. So how do you write inspiring captions that will move customers and reflect the difference between you and your competitors?

The Importance of Writing Effective Ad Description

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    There are many stages of real estate marketing and the announcements cover a significant part of it in terms of the impression it leaves on the customer. It is one of the most important points to consider different clues in advertisement explanations, which is only the beginning stage of marketing, and to present information by putting yourself in the customer’s place.

    • Share accurate information!

    In order to increase the sales and rental rate of portfolio ads, you must first use only accurate and real information in the description section. For example; Describing a home in need of renovation and maintenance as brand new and undamaged will only hurt your business. Because, although this type of advertisement announcements are attractive for customers, they reduce sales rates due to the negative impression they leave after seeing the place. Therefore, it is much more effective to be honest in your advertisement descriptions and to provide descriptive data about the property.

    • Just give information about the ad!

    One of the biggest mistakes most real estate professionals make is to refer to other listings in the portfolio in a particular listing description and actually advertise different listings. Such statements, which are described as distrustful for the customer, reduce the success rate and cause the ad to remain on the air for a long time without interaction. For this reason, when writing an advertisement description, you should put yourself in the place of the customer and share clear, accurate and appropriate information as well as explanatory. It would be better to use other digital publishing tools to advertise other ads and maintain your own campaign.

    • Explain what’s special!

    Separately highlight specific features that set the property apart from others in your listing. While doing this, you can take advantage of the innovations in the house, the advantages in the region or the light-receiving features. In this way, you will both emphasize the advantages of the advertisement compared to similar advertisements in the surrounding and arouse the curiosity of the customer.

    • Choose the right location on the map!

    Another common mistake is to mark the wrong position in the advertisement description. For many customers, location comes first among the listing filtering options, so if you mark the wrong location on the map despite writing a decent description, you run the risk of losing the interest of a large audience. It is always a big disadvantage for your business that people who come to see the place due to the description or location go to a different location than planned.

    • Use proper language!

    It is extremely important for the first impression that the description of the ad is not copied content and written in an original and fluent language. If you want to write a clear and understandable article that has a positive impact on the customer, you must first master the rules of the Turkish language. For example; You should not write the description in all capital letters, use wrong punctuation marks and take care not to make typos. A well-written piece demonstrates your respect for your job as a real estate agent and your professionalism. Therefore, it helps you gain the trust of customers.

    As a real estate agent, you need to use effective market analysis tools while learning the details of how to write a description. Fizbot, which gives you speed and efficiency at the stage of meeting portfolio ads with customers, works as a digital real estate consultant and relieves the workload on your shoulders.

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