Forecast for Real Estate for Generations to Come

The accelerated digitalization after Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the real estate industry. The modern real estate market, where almost everything from looking for a house to buying, takes place through online platforms, has been seriously affected by the global wave of transformation. So how much change does the future of the real estate industry hold and how are the next generation consultants expected to be involved in the process?

  1. Advanced Data Science

There is an endless demand in the real estate market, and therefore there is a race. It is very important to be fast and provide the best solution in the competitive process that consultants enter to meet customer needs. With the constantly developing real estate programs, you may be able to predict the houses that will be sold in the next 6-12 months, the people who will sell and the price offers in the future by browsing a rich database. Current studies focus on making more analytical predictions using advanced data science, and as a result, it looks like it will allow consultants to develop strategies by detecting transactions that have not yet taken place early.

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    2. Hybrid Operating Model

    The remote working trend, which started in all sectors with the pandemic, has already adapted to the real estate market and many real estate professionals have started not to go to the office unless necessary. This new era, in which working hours are adjusted according to needs, brought the comfort of finishing work and accelerated the process considerably. With the spread of the hybrid working model in the future, it is expected that the real estate market will become much more efficient and offer the following advantages to consultants:

    • Reduced office expenses
    • Lightened workload
    • Effective time management
    • Customer satisfaction tracking
    • Cloud-based reporting and analysis ease

    3. Use of Automation

    After the developing technologies, the variety of real estate software used in the real estate sector has increased considerably, and this process is expected to accelerate in the coming period. Increasing property demand and technology development enable more efficient business strategies to be developed. As machine learning, artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms continue to grow, real estate professionals are learning how to work more effectively and traditional methods are slowly fading. It is estimated that successful software that automates important parts of the business, especially market tracking and price analysis, will enter more offices in the future and accelerate the real estate sector.

    4. Next Generation Platforms

    Today, many stages, from the sharing of real estate advertisements to the completion of sales transactions, can be carried out through digital channels. As more people become accustomed to investing in real estate from the comfort of their home, thanks to the internet and 3D modeling techniques, the number of platforms that support this type of technology is expected to increase. Thanks to technologies such as cloud storage and big data, it is expected that online platforms will be in communication with each other, thus offering both customers and consultants the opportunity to complete the process in a digital environment by combining fragmented data. It is estimated that the new generation real estate advertisement platforms supported by smart technologies will also focus on providing the most realistic experience.

    In the real estate sector, which is witnessing a rapid transformation trend, it is more important than ever to follow market data, market analysis and customer needs with comparative tables. However, it is also vital to be quick and present accurate information when reviewing this data. For this reason, many of the modern real estate professionals apply to Fizbot digital real estate consultant, especially in areas that can be tracked automatically, such as region analysis and similar posting history. Fizbot, a new generation real estate agent software, allows you to provide quick answers by analyzing regional data as soon as possible.

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