Recommendations to Real Estate Offices in the Recruitment Process

Many real estate agents in the market run the risk of losing their employees over time. Although the main reason for this is the work-from-home strategies that have accelerated in recent years, sometimes there may be situations such as existing consultants agreeing with other offices or opening their own place. This article will examine how […]

Buying a House with Cryptocurrency

In an increasingly digital world, it is possible to do almost anything with virtual tools. These include transactions involving real estate investment, such as buying a house or land. But how safe or possible is it to buy a house with virtual payment units, which are increasingly taking place in life, such as crypto money? […]

What Does a Bull and Bear Market Mean?

The terms bull and bear, normally used to describe the ups and downs in the stock and crypto market, can also refer to changes in property prices. However, these markets are not always only associated with a net decline or rise, and they also closely affect pricing in markets outside themselves. Therefore, choosing the right […]

The Importance of Reference Marketing for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate professional, there are a number of marketing tools, strategies and techniques you can use to publicize your service. Although social media channels and digital communication tools are the first method preferred by many professionals to acquire new customers today, the importance of references in the real estate field is undeniably great. […]

Dynamics of Buyer and Seller Markets

Real estate consultancy is a sector that provides high returns to real estate professionals, which has market dynamics and can adapt to buyer-seller needs. For this reason, it is extremely important to convert potential customers into permanent buyers and to closely follow the variables in the real estate market. So, how should professionals control the […]

Benefits of AI Technologies to Real Estate

Technologies that have been constantly changing and developing since the beginning of the industrial revolution around the world have advanced in recent years. While professions and job descriptions need to be reinterpreted in the current situation, unfortunately, sectors that cannot keep up with the times face the danger of extinction. The situation is no different […]

How to Write a Good Property Description

If you are a real estate agent, you also need to be a great marketer. There is nothing like using online advertising tools to impress potential buyers and attract the attention of the other party. While some properties sell themselves, it is often more effective to write a successful description. So how do you write […]

The Endpoint of Virtual Tours

The adoption of technology in real estate continues unabated, and new property buyers, in particular, complete their preferences by taking advantage of virtual tour opportunities. However, while VR application developments and artificial intelligence studies continue, innovations in the real estate market are constantly updated. In this article, we have shared in detail the types of […]

Traditional Marketing Methods Real Estate Agents Cannot Give Up

While many traditional real estate marketing methods are left behind in the digital age we live in, adopting more innovative techniques has become the key to success. Although software, artificial intelligence-supported programs, and many other developments disrupt the real estate sector, according to experts, some basic techniques should not be left behind to achieve long-term […]