Dynamics of Buyer and Seller Markets

Real estate consultancy is a sector that provides high returns to real estate professionals, which has market dynamics and can adapt to buyer-seller needs. For this reason, it is extremely important to convert potential customers into permanent buyers and to closely follow the variables in the real estate market. So, how should professionals control the dynamics in order to achieve sustainable growth in the rapidly changing real estate market according to various parameters?

The Importance of Adapting to Market Conditions

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    It is very important for every advisor to know where the market stands during the buying and selling transaction. For example, A market with few buyers and more sellers is called a “buyer’s market” and requires slightly different strategies to be applied than the corresponding seller’s market. A market with a large housing stock generally has favorable conditions for the growth of real estate professionals and offices. Because in this period, there are more options for potential buyers and consumers begin to need more real professionals in the industry.

    In the real estate market, where the sector players are highly variable, identifying the potentials in the market is always effective in increasing the quality of the service provided. For this reason, it is important for profit-oriented real estate consultants to provide the highest level of service by using various real estate programs in order to meet the needs of the age and not to fall behind the market trends. In other words; Adapting to market conditions as a digital real estate agent can be shown as one of the business strategies that every real estate professional should prioritize.

    Strategies for Buyer and Seller Markets

    Consultants operating in the real estate market should determine a working model according to the market view.

    Buyer Market

    buyer market; As we mentioned before, it is a market where the current housing stock is high. Especially since there are many property options in the buyer market, which is suitable for purchase, it is highly likely that buyers will bargain and buy real estate at the ideal price range.

    Seller Market

    Seller market; demand exceeds supply; that is, there are many interested buyers in the face of the scarce housing stock. In the face of low real estate inventory, it is necessary to act quickly in the seller’s market, which makes it possible to sell at the ideal price. In a seller’s market, where buyers compete with each other, properties sell faster and buyers tend to spend more than usual.

    The strategies that real estate consultants need to implement by following the pulse of the market in both markets are different from each other:

    • It is easier for property owners to make a profit in the seller market where the seller side has an advantage. Knowing that you are the advantaged party in the market while selling in this market helps the houses to be sold with low bargaining and high prices.
    • It is necessary to provide fast service to customers who want to make purchases in the seller’s market so that they are not adversely affected by high competition. Since the housing stock is limited in this market, it is important to find the property suitable for the buyer as soon as possible.
    • Buyers have an advantage in the buyer’s market and there is a large selection of properties available for purchase. In this market, real estate software with automatic posting tracking should be used to find homes that meet potential customer criteria.
    • On the other hand, sellers in the buyer’s market should be offered appropriate real estate marketing and promotion tools to sell the properties at the highest possible price.

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