The Importance of Reference Marketing for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate professional, there are a number of marketing tools, strategies and techniques you can use to publicize your service. Although social media channels and digital communication tools are the first method preferred by many professionals to acquire new customers today, the importance of references in the real estate field is undeniably great. Standing out as a completely free and effortless marketing tool, references are also a must-have resource to be a successful real estate agent. So, let’s examine the importance of the reference system in real estate together.

What is a Real Estate Reference?

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    Long-standing references in the real estate industry are old and satisfied customers. Customers who return repeatedly and customers who come for the first time on their recommendations are included in the references. In the reference system, which is based on word-of-mouth recommendations, no advertising fee or promotion is required. On the contrary, it is necessary to have people who have previously gained high satisfaction by receiving the service provided. This trust in human relations causes future interactions to be positively affected and gives irreversible referrals.

    The Importance of Reference Marketing

    • In order to achieve sustainable success in the real estate sector, regular reference participation is needed. Increasing the number of motivated and satisfied customers is beneficial in many ways.
    • Jobs that come through references usually do not take extra time to convince the other party, which results in less effort.
    • No print or digital marketing tools are required for testimonials, so referral links are inexpensive and free.
    • Many buyers and sellers who come upon referrals are already motivated to complete the service, so the referral services result in a short time, increasing the number of successful businesses.
    • Since the references are based on word of mouth, it offers the opportunity to reach a rapidly expanding circle.
    • Persons referred by 3rd parties prove that you are reliable and successful in the service you provide.
    • Having more reference links makes you more motivated to work as a real estate professional and provides an important opportunity for you to improve yourself.

    Methods of Obtaining References in Real Estate

    With countless benefits, testimonials are the backbone of the real estate industry, so you can try these ways to build your own reference circle:


    The easiest way to have regular references is to tell current and past customers that it’s been a pleasure to work with them, to make them feel special, and to let them know that you care about their connections. Since family members, friends and relatives of existing customers are potential new customers, you should make it clear to the other party that you are willing to do so.

    Stay in touch

    Staying in touch with past customers means developing relationships and making it easier for someone in their circle to remember you in the future when they need service. For this reason, sending messages to past customers on special days and making small reminders can increase your reference percentage.

    Being Social

    The more you socialize and use social media tools actively, the more you will be included in your past customer circle. You can use digital channels to meet new people and reach old customers’ networks effortlessly.

    To care about

    Building relationships that last long enough to send referrals is about showing your customers you care. If you see customers as valuable people rather than a source of money and shape your service accordingly, you will be more likely to be recommended.

    Real estate testimonials are not the only way to promote services, but they are vital as they have high return rates. However, every real estate professional needs to be familiar with the various digital real estate agent tools and get their business in shape before they can achieve referral engagement. Fizbot, which provides numerous benefits in digital consultancy services from automatic region analysis to price comparisons, is a real estate software you can choose to speed up your business.

    You can also examine the Fizbot real estate CRM program, which facilitates customer management and increases service interaction, here.

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