What are the Costs to Pay When Selling a House in Portugal?

Although selling a home generally means increasing income for the property owner, it can be an extremely tiring and challenging process. Various expenses may be required to speed up sales and ensure that the property attracts buyers in a short time. In addition to the property price, the buyer has to spend out of pocket […]

Small Renovations to Increase an Apartment’s Value

The good condition of the houses to be sold or rented makes a big difference in the pricing phase, and also helps the property to find buyers in a short time. In particular, small but effective renovations are required to sell a property at best market value or to get it to find tenants quickly. […]

Important Tactics for Working with a Seller

Working with sellers in the real estate market does not only mean selling the property at the desired price and in the most ideal way. At the same time, it requires expertise in many areas such as creating marketing tactics that attract the attention of buyers, completing the sale as soon as possible and following […]

Tactics for Adding Ads to a Portfolio

Customers are the key to a successful career in the real estate industry. Generating leads and converting them into permanent customers depends on your personal skills as well as the right application of customer research and discovery techniques. There are different tactics to attract new listings to the portfolio, from creating a real estate website […]

Types of Data That Can Be Used to Convince the Seller

Your success in the industry as a real estate agent has always equated with your success in retaining clients. While the reference factor is one of the biggest factors when working with buyers, sellers are the customers you need to approach a little more thoroughly. Because most people who request sales service will also be […]

What to Consider When Selling a House During Recession

Although we are not technically in a recession yet, even the possibility of this has put many sectors at risk. The real estate market, where many variables emerge in the face of the economic crisis and possible recession, is unfortunately one of them. With increasing interest rates, rental expenses and house prices, it cannot be […]

The Importance of Accurate Valuation for Sales

One of the issues that most property owners are curious about is the value of the real estate they own. It is quite common to get more than one real estate agent’s opinion to find out the right price. However, valuation is as important to sellers as it is to buyers and even real estate […]

The Difference We Aim to Create in Europe as Fizbot

It is extremely important to have technological equipment in the real estate field, which is constantly transforming depending on the era’s requirements and digital developments. For this reason, every real estate employee who wants to exist in a sector giant market, especially in Europe, needs to increase his equipment and use appropriate tools. Fizbot, which […]

Recommendations to Real Estate Offices in the Recruitment Process

Many real estate agents in the market run the risk of losing their employees over time. Although the main reason for this is the work-from-home strategies that have accelerated in recent years, sometimes there may be situations such as existing consultants agreeing with other offices or opening their own place. This article will examine how […]

Buying a House with Cryptocurrency

In an increasingly digital world, it is possible to do almost anything with virtual tools. These include transactions involving real estate investment, such as buying a house or land. But how safe or possible is it to buy a house with virtual payment units, which are increasingly taking place in life, such as crypto money? […]