The Difference We Aim to Create in Europe as Fizbot

It is extremely important to have technological equipment in the real estate field, which is constantly transforming depending on the era’s requirements and digital developments. For this reason, every real estate employee who wants to exist in a sector giant market, especially in Europe, needs to increase his equipment and use appropriate tools. Fizbot, which enables one to follow sectoral developments closely with its artificial intelligence support and useful algorithm, aims to be involved in all areas of the real estate field as a new-generation real estate consultant software.

What Is Fizbot Aiming In The Real Estate Sector In The Future?

Fizbot is among the prominent real estate programs with the benefits it provides in terms of digital transformation, which has become a necessity recently. The most important feature that distinguishes it from its competitors is that it collects scattered and large numbers of data in the real estate sector and combines it with good analysis and software. Using an advanced infrastructure, Fizbot also facilitates the tracking of sectoral data as it has an algorithm supported by artificial intelligence. It also offers many tools that help analyze this data, report and receive additional notifications. This enables real estate employees who want to improve their sectoral expertise to adapt to the times more efficiently and establishes an effective and sustainable working system for newcomers.

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    Fizbot has primary purposes such as organizing contact information with the digital equipment it offers, assisting the activities of real estate consultants, and closely following the pulse in the market; At the same time, it stands out in the real estate sector with its benefits such as:

    • Gathering a large number of data in the market under a single and holistic roof
    • Facilitate ad tracking, sharing, and control
    • Customer-advertising tracking with instant notifications
    • Detailed reporting with calculation and comparison tools
    • Continuous market monitoring and sharing analysis reports in the background for agents
    • Provide an organized, clean, and easy-to-access database
    • Increasing customer satisfaction with an automated CRM platform
    • Instantly merge personal and internet data

    How Can Real Estate Agents Benefit From Fizbot?

    Real estate software is packed with tools that help real estate professionals stand out by speeding up their day-to-day work in a highly competitive market. This benefits both new real estate consultants and real estate agents who have been in the sector for a long time to grasp their market potential more quickly, acquire new client resources and develop an organized working system. Fizbot, which is used in all areas of the real estate industry, from brand marketing to customer management, is a real estate software that aims to accelerate the work of real estate professionals and make efficient business plans. Fizbot, which brings together various and scattered real estate data in a single and easy-to-use interface, increases personal equipment with the tools it offers and makes it easier to be a real estate agent who is an expert in the field. Among the valuable tools that Fizbot offers for consultants are the following:

    • digital valuation
    • Announcement and realized transaction comparison
    • Competitor market analysis
    • portfolio presentation file
    • Housing loan and deposit conversion calculation
    • Intelligent buyer tracking
    • Ad sharing
    • Unlimited ad inquiries
    • Over 3 million historical records review

    Make a Difference in the Real Estate Market with Smart Tools!

    You can access a rich 3-year database by navigating Fizbot’s easy-to-use interface, checking your advertisements on different platforms with a single software, combining your data with internet data, and preparing special comparison reports for your customers. Thanks to Fizbot’s intelligent algorithm that works 24/7 in the background, you can be informed about instant price changes. These advertisements meet the needs of your potential customers and much more without wasting time, so you can gain the advantage of being ahead in your field.

    Benefit from the intelligent, valuable, and fast tools provided by Fizbot; you can be a part of this privileged world by clicking here!

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