Small Renovations to Increase an Apartment’s Value

The good condition of the houses to be sold or rented makes a big difference in the pricing phase, and also helps the property to find buyers in a short time. In particular, small but effective renovations are required to sell a property at best market value or to get it to find tenants quickly. It is one of the most important issues that the renewal processes to be applied are not expensive and completed quickly, and it is important for every real estate agent who wants to expand their client portfolio to learn about such small tips.

1.   Paint Whitewash

One of the most effective methods of making a house look more valuable than it is is paint whitewashing, which leaves a clean impression on buyers. The traces, cracks and screw gaps left on the wall due to old uses are removed with paint and whitewash, adding a generally hygienic atmosphere to the house. In addition, having this process done at regular intervals both provides ease of use and prevents problems such as mold formation. You can give the house a cleaner look by ensuring that the property owners in your portfolio generally prefer the colors used by everyone, and you can create a modern impression by suggesting that they paint a single wall in a different tone in spaces such as the bedroom and living room.

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    2.   Floor Tiles

    One of the other issues that customers who buy or rent a house pay attention to is the condition of the flooring and whether they need maintenance. Because old and worn floors mean extra expense for the buyer, they are among the factors that reduce the value of the property. Therefore, in order to increase the value of their advertisements in your portfolio, you can advise the property owner to renew the flooring, especially to repair the clogged drains in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets.

    3.   Heating system

    Heating, which is one of the most important issues in real estate buying-selling or leasing transactions, can sometimes directly affect the final decision of potential customers. Houses whose heating system has not been renewed or checked recently are more disadvantageous in price compared to similar advertisements. In addition, this problem may negatively affect sales and rental transactions, and may cause the advertisement to remain on the air for a long time. For this reason, annual boiler and honeycomb maintenance in natural gas houses and checking that the heating system works smoothly are among the factors that increase the property value.

    4.   Kitchen cabinets

    One of the first places people in search of housing look at home is the kitchen. The fact that the kitchen cabinets are suitable for use and that the kitchen is well-maintained and in good condition in general is very effective in the preference of the advertisement. That’s why having the kitchen overhauled and making sure the batteries and power lines are working helps the property find a buyer as soon as possible. You can recommend your customers who have the opportunity to renew their old kitchen cabinets and to make the house look more well-groomed by choosing affordable but useful equipment. To verify that properties with a large, clean and modern kitchen are selling for a higher price and in a shorter time, you can search for similar listings in the surrounding area through real estate programs.

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