Types of Data That Can Be Used to Convince the Seller

Your success in the industry as a real estate agent has always equated with your success in retaining clients. While the reference factor is one of the biggest factors when working with buyers, sellers are the customers you need to approach a little more thoroughly. Because most people who request sales service will also be in the market for purchase in a short time. So what should you do to make customers want to buy the services you offer in the seller market where the profit is much bigger?

Techniques to Convince Potential Sellers

Your success in the real estate market basically depends on your communication with customers. The better you are in human relations and the more successful you are in persuasion techniques, the greater your chance of growth in the market. Being an effective agent requires a willingness to learn and a friendly, professional service. However, in order to take control of the real estate sector, you should learn about real estate programs that offer various technical data as well as improving your personal characteristics.

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    By making use of a few technical data, you can expand your vendor portfolio and further transform these vendors into future buyers.

    1.    Housing Valuation

    Pricing is the primary criterion for most sellers in the real estate market. Property owners may not be able to determine a realistic price for sale, as prices in the real estate market vary according to numerous parameters. Sellers, often considering the prices of similar listings in the area, may actually be overestimating or underestimating the property. In this case, it is up to the real estate agent to guide the customer.

    Housing valuation; In addition to technical calculation methods such as price per m2, materials spent for construction, and the net income of the property, it also requires examining environmental data such as peer analysis. In this case, it is important to offer the most realistic prices for the customer by making use of many different calculation techniques and regional data.

    2.    Region Ad Comparisons

    You can review current listings and past completed offers in the surrounding area to verify your price for potential seller properties. At this stage, it is of great importance that you use a real estate software that offers fast and verifiable data, in order for the customer to be impressed by your services. When making ad comparisons, it will make an impressive impression on the seller by showing the price range of properties with similar characteristics in the region, and the status of the ads in the higher and lower ranges.

    3.    Ad Turnaround Time

    It may not always be preferable to get consultancy services for property owners, and there may be a reason behind this, such as the fact that sellers want to check real estate listing sites and share their own listings. In this case, you need to mention turnaround times to highlight the quality of the services you offer. For example; You can address the pricing error in the advertisements from the owner in your area and present data on the risk of selling at the expense of the sellers. You can specify how long it takes to find buyers for the ads that go on sale with the right pricing and marketing. At this stage, you can compare the sales times of similar advertisements from the past, and examine the shortcomings of current advertisements that have not been sold for a long time. You can also provide additional data that will be of interest to the seller, such as unpublished listings and successful transactions.

    The higher the precision and quality of the data you provide, the easier it is for you to convert the seller into a potential customer. You can take advantage of Fizbot’s advanced tools to provide data that meets needs and confirms customer demands in a short time. Providing innovative marketing strategies by accessing nearly 3 million rich databases, Fizbot also works as an effective real estate CRM platform and helps you expand your customer portfolio.

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