Renting a Furnished and Unfurnished House

Furnished rental houses, which have become an advantageous option in recent years, especially in big cities, are widely used for seasonal or short-term housing needs. While providing the owner with the advantage of obtaining a high rental income, furnished houses that eliminate the hassle of buying goods for the tenant provide a great convenience for both parties. However, although the rents of furnished houses are higher than those of vacant flats, they have different risks. Therefore, a few critical issues must be evaluated before renting out an existing real estate.

Advantages of Renting a Furnished House

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    Furnished rental ads, which have recently become popular as a prominent home rental option, offer different advantages for both the landlord and the tenant. For example, It may be more reasonable to rent furnished residences in areas that are in demand and are quickly rented due to factors such as job changes, assignment, and education. Because in such fast and active locations, tenants change houses frequently, and furnished houses stand out because of the more straightforward moving process. It is highly advantageous for the tenant to find a residence in the area where they go for a certain period for work or education without having to buy new furniture. In such a scenario, the landlord’s income from rent will also be higher than in normal conditions.

    Another advantage of furnished houses is the investment in furniture. Furniture, household appliances, textile products and kitchen and bathroom wares added to the house are also a preliminary investment for the landlord, considering the tenant’s needs. The critical point here is the quality of the preferred items. Choosing items that will provide convenience for the person who will move into the house and make sense in terms of price/performance increase the house’s value and provides the opportunity to make an affordable investment in the early period.

    Therefore, the first issue to be considered in renting a furnished house is the location and the flow of housing. Real estate programs that help with this type of regional analysis greatly benefit those working in the real estate industry. Fizbot, which provides a solution to the housing need as soon as possible by comparing similar advertisements in the region, works in the background as a digital real estate software and constantly processes market data. Fizbot real estate agent software, which helps you to control all the data with one click, helps you determine the most logical investment tools in your region.

    Things to Consider When Renting a Furnished House

    Although renting a furnished house may seem advantageous for both parties, it carries some risks. The first of these is the contract between the parties. From the point of view of the landlord, the rented house must be delivered together with the belongings if the tenant leaves the house, but if the contract is not made in between, the landlord may suffer a loss. For this reason, when making the contract, a certain deposit must be taken to cover the possible damage and all items rented together with the house must be clearly stated on the contract. While the tenant is evacuating the house, the general condition of the house and the list of items in the contract are checked. If there is no missing or damaged, the deposit amount given to the tenant at the beginning is returned.

    Fizbot, which facilitates all these stages on your behalf, processes millions of data by storing it in its memory and enables you to increase the quality of the service you provide as a digital real estate consultant. It helps you predict future potential by testing the region’s development speed and determining the ideal sales and rental options for real estate.

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