Faster Buyer Lead Management with New Matching Listings Update

We have added a new one to the important product updates we have made in recent weeks. In this change, we set out to improve the experience of real estate professionals, especially those working for buyers, and we accelerated the experience of sharing ads with matching ads. What has changed? What hasn’t changed? With this […]

Our Feature of Adding Expertise Areas by Drawing is with You!

Expertise Area is one of our most fundamental features. The most important indicator of this is that you need to choose an Expertise Area to start using the application in the first place. The fact that all real estate professionals must specialize in certain regions and master them makes this feature important. We listened to […]

What is new in Fizbot: 2023 September Version

You can now experience Fizbot’s most fundamental and most used page, the home screen, in a more practical and faster way. Our primary screen, simplified with this update, will enable you to quickly complete your work in your seller and buyer management processes. What’s New? One click for all your main needs: New search bar […]