Our Feature of Adding Expertise Areas by Drawing is with You!

Expertise Area is one of our most fundamental features. The most important indicator of this is that you need to choose an Expertise Area to start using the application in the first place. The fact that all real estate professionals must specialize in certain regions and master them makes this feature important.

We listened to your intense demands and made a radical improvement to this basic feature that you will love.

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    You will now be able to add expertise areas freely by hand!

    You will now be able to determine your Expertise Areas, up to five of which you can choose, by drawing manually along with the circle selection!

    With our new drawing feature that allows you to choose up to 50 square kilometers, you will be able to access much more consistent and efficient information when making analyzes and receiving listings about your Expertise Area.

    For example, real estate agents who work only on the coastline, on a certain street, or within the borders of a neighborhood will now be able to focus better on their region.

    How do I use it?

    1. On the Add Expertise Area screen, select the Drawing option.
    2. Hover over the area you want to draw by zooming in and out with two fingers.
    3. Draw your area with one finger by clicking the “Start Drawing” button.
    4. If you make a mistake, you can draw again by clicking “Clear Drawing”.
    5. When you are satisfied, add other criteria by clicking the “Continue” button.
      Your hand-drawn Expertise Area has been added!

    While you stay up to date on these areas, you will also continue to receive Fizbot-assigned Seller Leads!

    We develop and expand Fizbot in line with your feedback. To convey any of your feedback and ideas, you can contact us via the e-mail address [email protected], or our WhatsApp line at +90 537 617 66 01.

    We wish you a productive day!

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