Faster Buyer Lead Management with New Matching Listings Update

We have added a new one to the important product updates we have made in recent weeks. In this change, we set out to improve the experience of real estate professionals, especially those working for buyers, and we accelerated the experience of sharing ads with matching ads.

What has changed?

  • The “Matching FSBOs,” “Matching Office Listings,” and “Other Matching Listings” sections that you see on the buyer detail page have been simplified and gathered in one place.
  • This area, which you see as a map, now provides you with a more understandable view of which listings are in which region.
  • The Matching Leads section in the list view is now also scrollable on the map and at the bottom.
  • Instead of adding these listings to the list one by one and sending them to your buyer, you can automatically send these listings that match your buyer by making multiple selections from a single screen.

What hasn’t changed?

  1. You can still access your Buyer Leads from your favorite Leads page.
  2. You can experience the Location and Shared Listings sections on the buyer detail page as you are used to.
  3. With Fizbot, you can continue to run your Buyer processes at lightning speed.

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    With this update, where we aim for a more compact and faster buyer communication, we have introduced accelerated Matching Listings viewing and multiple listing sharing features to you!

    We wish you a productive day!

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