What is new in Fizbot: 2023 September Version

You can now experience Fizbot’s most fundamental and most used page, the home screen, in a more practical and faster way. Our primary screen, simplified with this update, will enable you to quickly complete your work in your seller and buyer management processes.

What’s New?

  • Access to the search bar and vital Fizbot features
  • Moving Seller and Buyer Lead sections to the home page

One click for all your main needs: New search bar

With the new update, all of the crucial Fizbot features, such as Get Listing, Search Listing, Location Search and Expertise Area in the search bar and below, have been gathered in the Discover bar, which you can access with a single click.

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    Feedback from you has shown us that these are our most important and useful features for scanning the market. We’ve created a more balanced user experience to make your search easier.

    When you click on the Discover bar, you will be able to continue to experience Fizbot the way you are accustomed to by clicking on each of these features.

    Renewed user interface so you can deal with your Leads faster

    We divided the Add Contact button on our old screen into two sections, making it more visible and easier for you to add Buyer and Seller Leads in line with your needs.

    Buyer Leads

    When you click on Buyer Lead on the left, you will be greeted by two buttons. The first of these allows you to match the buyers you create with suitable listings, and the second allows you to instantly calculate the loan while communicating with your buyer. While you can still manage the complete buyer process flawlessly, it can now be done faster.

    Seller Leads

    Seller Leads on the right continues to offer you the opportunity to experience the popular feature of adding the seller leads, either manually or based on a listing. You can also find our Market Analysis feature, which has been used more than fifteen thousand times in the last 3 months, at the bottom of this section.

    Three new icons to clean things up

    The three icons we arranged in the Lead Management section make Fizbot more compact.

    By clicking on the Performance icon on the far left among the three icons, you can access your Leads Report and track your sales pipeline for both your seller and buyer leads.

    The Filter icon in the middle saves space by combining the Filter and Sort buttons, which previously occupied a larger area, and saves time by allowing you to make these options from a single screen.

    Finally, the Settings icon on the right allows you to add a new Expertise Area or update the ones you have.

    More space is at your disposal with the new Fizbot update, which combines all these tasks in just three icons!

    We’re Working for More

    As Fizbot, while making our product updates and designing new features, we carefully analyze your suggestions, requests and complaints and try to incorporate them into our product. Any feedback from you is very valuable to us. That’s why we are waiting for your suggestions to make Fizbot better! You can always send an e-mail to [email protected] to send us your comments and suggestions directly.

    Keep following us and our updates for better decisions and faster processes. Stay tuned to be informed about the product updates we make for the needs of real estate professionals.

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