Will Technology Replace Real Estate Offices in the Future?

Accelerating digital transformation trends around the world did not affect the real estate industry as badly as feared, but on the contrary, it enabled real estate companies to develop a much more efficient working system. However, newer technologies with unpredictable results such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain are already starting to affect employment in other sectors. But will real estate offices and therefore their consultants survive in the face of technologies that continue to evolve?

What kind of problems awaits the real estate offices in the future?

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    Real estate; is a challenging profession that looks easy from the outside and offers high earnings but threatens to disappear in time for people who are not up to date. Contrary to what is thought, to become a rising brand in the real estate sector, it is necessary to work almost 24/7 and stay up-to-date. It is also important to monitor real estate advertisements instantly, examine project-based predictions for the future, and meet personal needs by creating separate time for each customer. Situations like these cause the lack of time to be the biggest problem for real estate consultants, especially in the face of the increasing housing problem today.

    In other words, to provide an efficient service in the field of real estate, it is now a necessity to follow digital trends and to use real estate software, especially in areas such as regional analysis, posting and sharing. While the lack of time, one of the biggest problems of the future, is no longer a problem with real estate software, an effective working system can be developed at the same time. In the short term, digital tools such as examining regional potential, filtering customer targets and presenting database matches increase business efficiency and provide the advantage of responding quickly to current problems. In addition, with the use of the right software, it becomes possible to prevent fraudulent activities in the real estate sector and to receive the exact service that people demand.

    What Will the Technological Offices of the Future Look Like?

    It is expected that the technology, which is developing step by step, will be more integrated into the life and therefore real estate offices in the future. But meanwhile, technology or software is unlikely to replace live-in-blooded advisers who offer personal advice and empathy. However, real estate agents who cannot keep up with technology cannot be expected to be successful because their future offices are predicted to be areas that make good use of innovative real estate agent software tools. It is thought that the following technologies will be the most common in real estate offices:

    Virtual Reality

    Tools such as 3D modelling, video preparation and rendering are frequently used today. However, in the future, this technology is expected to be more realistic and save people time. Thanks to the modelling combined with virtual reality, it is possible for customers to visit the real estate they want as if they were there, and for consultants to spend less time showing a house.

    Big Data

    Real estate advertisements, customer information and technical data have now been moved to cloud systems instead of physical archives. However, this is not yet considered sufficient and it is predicted that in the future offices will store all kinds of data in a public digital data centre. This system, called Big Data, is expected to provide data integrity by providing fast market analysis and pricing.

    Besides all these; technologies such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and automation must take their place in offices. In addition, the effects of innovative developments such as blockchain and metadata, whose scope is not yet fully understood, may also guide the real estate offices of the future.

    Whether you are a real estate office, real estate consultant or agent, if you plan to grow in the future, you should provide services intertwined with technology. With real estate programs that facilitate real estate buying, selling and leasing processes, you can increase your business efficiency and reach more customers in a shorter time. Therefore, you can get support from the Fizbot real estate CRM platform to analyze the region data rapidly and facilitate customer management.

    If you want to meet customer needs by establishing an office that stands out with the use of technology in the future, you can learn more about the digital real estate consultant Fizbot by clicking here.

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