What is the Rental System with Airbnb?

Launched in 2007 by two young Americans, Airbnb is now one of the most popular residential rental platforms. This leading platform, which is frequently used by various real estate communities, is very successful in turning unused areas into potential income sources. Standing out with its features such as transparency, user satisfaction and ease of use, Airbnb continues to rise rapidly by offering different accommodation options from short to long term and therefore turns into one of the most effective tools in the real estate sector.

What is Airbnb and How Does It Work?

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    Airbnb is basically a system that allows hosts to earn income by renting out all or a part of the property to people who need accommodation. Those who need short or long-term accommodation can find the most affordable housing thanks to this system. Particularly, shared housing structures, where several rooms of the house are rented, are preferred by students or those who need seasonal accommodation, as they allow shared expenses.

    Thanks to Airbnb, which also has advantages for the property owner, excess areas can be converted into additional income and the relevant payments are received definitively thanks to the transparent policy. With the Airbnb mechanism created to cover user damages, the victimization of the parties is prevented and the high product variety ensures that different needs are met in the best way.

    Benefits for Airbnb and Consultants

    Airbnb, which provides one of the best services for those who need long, medium or short-term accommodation, is also on the radar of real estate consultants these days. Airbnb, which has taken the hostel system in various resorts and transformed it into a more advanced one, is among the real estate programs used for market analysis. The fact that it is free and easy to register and post on the site makes Airbnb highly preferred especially for rental services. In addition, thanks to advanced filtering options, each user can find properties that meet their own needs and can choose between shared or single residences.

    Airbnb, which offers the advantage of earning the highest return from the existing housing for property owners, is used by many consultants today, supported by real estate software. This increases the quality of service and makes it easier for the relevant property to reach the needy as quickly as possible. Airbnb also stands out as a real estate CRM platform that accelerates the agreement of property owners who want to invest in their rental homes and provide a regular income stream with real estate consultants, and provides the following advantages:

    • Since Airbnb is used especially as a short-term rental market, it is necessary to work with a real estate agent to provide regular returns. When platform data and real estate agent software analysis are combined, it is possible to make maximum use of the existing property.
    • With Airbnb, the owner can find tenants in a certain range of his / her house that they do not want to put up for sale, but most owners are hesitant to use the platform. This allows consultants to reach out to property owners who are holding their homes passively, providing an effective means of generating income and serving to expand the portfolio.
    • Airbnb, which is intertwined with technology, increases efficiency when used with various real estate programs and helps to follow the real estate market from every angle. Therefore, consultants offer a versatile service to their clients, allowing them to choose between different products.

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